Phuket Impiana Part II

Monday, May 09, 2011

Hello everyone!
I really hope u enjoyed the mini-makeup Hope Girl post.. !

Off to dinner and drinks later, but here's some of my Phuket pictures.
After a walk on the beach, we decided to explore the sleepy town of Kata Noi - which is where our resort is situated at.

Its relatively quiet in the afternoons, but as soon as the night goes on: Kata Noi seemed to be awake and lively!

The sun was setting.

We caught a glimpse of a really cute elderly couple... On a motor scooter with a side carriage!

Lovely hair clips.

We stopped by the sidewalk for a drink becoz I simply LURVED the concept!
Tut-tut bar!

I was actually watching the news featuring the Royal Wedding!

Pretty myriad of colourful straws.

The bartender.

Walking by an open BBQ restaurant.

Rows of goods sold by local hawkers.

And then we saw Elvis!
Not one, but two! Hahahahha!

We got alittle hungry, so what else to eat but tom yum soup!
Loveeee thai food.

And lastly, a daily ritual in Thailand - a foot massage.

Desperately craving for some Malibu, we went for a nightcap to end our first night in Phuket!

If I had a chance, I would buy a pink and white scooter too!
So cuteeee!

Snacks for the hungry!

There is weirdly no taxis in Kata Noi, everyone seemed to either walk or ride a bike!

Good night, world!

The waves played a sweet medley in the quiet night.

"Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean."
- John Muir

Goodbye all!
Hope u enjoyed the pictures - I treasure every single memory like its just yesterday.



Tiffi: Thank u dear! Hahaha actually my makeup routine is very simple. Esp my hair I can tell u it doesnt take much effort! :p
N no, I dun use Armani - I've seen it before in dept stores in US, but never gotten around to buying. Kekeke!

rach: Thank u sweets! I got the dress on sale from Forever21! But mine was from L.A though. :)
I saw it and I was like, perfect for the holiday! :p

rachel: I've emailed u! Hope u got it! :D

cha: I dun really use any BB cream, but I have some rec for foundations in my up-coming makeup post!

ping: How r u dearest? :D Yes the Hope Girl is perfect for girls whose eye makeup smudges easily! Esp with the humid weather, lower-eyelash mascara tend to run.

pompom: Hahhaha thank u dearie! N pls dun be in awe of me - im a very very normal girl who likes makeup n clothes n dressing up! Just like anyone else. :)
Hahaha n pls dun remind me that Im getting married lor! Sometimes i forget. :p
The seating arrangement is super stress right!! Everybody wan to seat near near but yes like u say - must be like concert liddat, cheapest seats all at the BACK! :p

Take care all!
Back soon!!!


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