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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello peeps!
Hows the week coming along?
I came back to Singapore this morning but the first thing I did was to watch my pre-recorded shows!
Omg I cant describe how much I missed local/tvb/scv channels... !

Its agonizing being in a country without TVB.

Being in Tokyo was kinda a bittersweet feeling.
I had some of my best memories there, and its a place which never fail to amaze me.
Thank you for the concern with regards to even going to Tokyo in a time like this - but with work: I have no choice.

Truth is, I am not really afraid or worried about the after-effects or nuclear threats.
Life is such.
I can never be too 'careful' or try to avoid natural disasters.

My job alone is kinda dangerous, so Im quite used to it.
I just cross my fingers and hope for the best.

And most importantly, I take it as it is.
God has his plans, and whatever happens - I accept it.

But yes, Thank You all for the concern.
I deeply appreciate it all.

Carpe Diem!

Back to Tokyo, shall we?

I tried a new style.

Special thanks to Tulips In A Bowl!
Im wearing a rocker chic gold studded top which is absolutely divine!

And I curled my ends, put some eyeshadow and put my hair back in the headband.

Face: Foundation (Lancome) & ZA 2-way powder.
Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked Palette
Blusher: MAC in Peaches and Gingerly
Lips: NARS Moonlight & Turkish Delight

Took the hotel shuttle to Shinjuku station!

I was hungry and it was lunchtime so I went to find for food!
Tokyo, like Singapore, has endless choices - whether its restaurants, food malls or even quaint little shops in alleys selling all kinds of wonderful local delights.

Intially I wanted to eat some soba but the queue was so long!

So I changed my mind and settled for ramen.

Then I went jalan-jalan...

Frankly the fashion in Japan is somewhat different to what we are used to locally.
I like their clothes but I dun think its easy to carry off the style here!

But looking is free!
So I look.. and look lor.

Their toilets are also unbelievably clean!
And nice-smelling.

So I can cam-whore.

I bought this denim jacket in Tokyo years ago!
Its my favourite, I wear it all the time coz its such an easy look.

And then I realised how cute all their food displays are!
Yummy looking...

Continuing my journey..

It started drizzling so I quickly ran into a mall and had some cake and coffee in a cafe!

The Japanese adore everything french.
From their pasta to cakes to coffee and fashion, they do it so cutely in their French-Japanese way.

After the rain stopped, I met my colleagues to go Shibuya!
So exciting!

We had one thing in mind... !

It houses 8 levels of fashion shops and the girls in there are HAWT, HAWT, HAWT!

We got very busy!
Then I saw this ultra cute display! Diamond-studded dressing table with a huge Hello Kitty!

I want...... !!!

Kawaii Samantha Vega!

I was resisting the urge to buy the Hello Kitty & Melody Samantha Vega bags!
Its soooo cute but I scare I bring out people want to faint.

We walked until our legs can break.

Soon.. dinner time!
We settled for the most crowded place!

We ordered a HUGEEE beer - Japanese style!

Eat, drink and talk and talk!

Everything was delicious!

Delicious chicken wings!

We had so much fun!

We even ordered a sake to share!

I had a really great time - just casual chatting, eating great food & enjoying a beer with some really fabulous people.
Such are memories that I will have, even if we might not meet again in future.

I just live each day as it is, happy or sad - I try to make it the best time of my life.
Every day.

"When I stand before God at the end of my life - I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'."
- Erma Bombeck

Take care dear all!
Back soon.


Special Thanks & Appreciation to Tulips In A Bowl!
I loveee their sense of style - casual chic with some edge.
Rock on in ur Ray Bans and take a leaf out of the style page!

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Love their quirky name too!
Here's some of my favourite pieces - absolute love!


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