Ho Chi Minh - Our Adventure

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Hello everyone!
I've been really sick recently and I have no voice til now!

Like a handphone - Im on a 'silent mode' and have been reduced to wassap-ing Jungle Boy as we sit across the restaurant table!
Haha I think the poor waiter must be thinking what a weird couple we are.

Back to Ho Chi Minh!
In the airport.

Upon reaching, it was raining heavily and I was so worried!

We stayed at the Sheraton Saigon.
Its right in the heart of the city - so we could literally walk everywhere.


Our room!

It was very comfortable and perfect for a short stay.

Turn-down service.

A huge basket of local fruits.

The next morning...


We went to take a walk in town!

The Opera House!
Built in 1897 by French architect Ferret Eugene, the 800 seat building was used as the home of the Lower House assembly of South Vietnam after 1956. It was not until 1975 that it was again used as a theatre, and restored in 1995.

What a lazy afternoon.

Motorbikes are aplenty in Saigon!

Government Building.

Welcome to Vietnam!

Cathedral - Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica.
Located in the downtown of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Established by French colonists, the cathedral was constructed between 1863 and 1880. It has two bell towers, reaching a height of 58 meters (190 feet).

Hawkers on the sidewalk.

Can u guess where I am?

Its the Post Office!
The building was constructed when Vietnam was part of French Indochina in the early 20th century. It has a Gothic architectural style. It was designed and constructed by the famous architect Gustave Eiffel in harmony with the surrounding area.
Today, the building is a tourist attraction.

Tourist flock there to take pictures but its actually still in operation!
I saw locals trying to go about doing their stuff and on the other side - chinese tour groups taking loads of photographs!
It was quite a sight.

Random sights on the street.

We decided to stop by a really rustic French cafe for a drink.

I dun think u can tell just by looking at the pictures, but it felt like it was burning outside!

Jungle Boy's local Viet beer!

The old Presidential building.

Strangers on the street.

It was so unbearably hot - we literally melted in the sun!
So the pampered two babies (us!) actually walked back to the hotel to enjoy some air-con before we die of a heatstroke!

I took a shower and changed into something more comfortable!
Thank you The Racy Shop for my lovely top!
Made of sheer chiffon in beige, the black stripes is unique and was extremely comfortable to wear!

More on that, later!

On our way to Chinatown, Saigon.

It was like a HUGEEEEE wholesale market!
There was so many bikes, more people and alot of wares!

Soon it was makan time!
Yes... Beef noodles again!


We then headed to the Ben Thahn Market!
It has everything there - fashion, pots & pans, food, dried seafood... etc.

Plenty of tourist.

Local delight.


I actually found her clothes matching her mangoes!

Peddling peanuts.

I love this picture.
Can u see the scallops on the grill?

The seafood looked pretty fresh!

But we had something else on our mind...

We actually went back to our hotel to put our stuff down and also to get a drink - and find a nice restaurant for dinner.

Our French dinner!

Vietnam was previously a French colony in the mid 19th century until it became independent in the 20th century.
So it is not surprising to see french influenced culture in Saigon, like cafes and food.
In fact, the Vietnamese has a very popular local sandwich made of baguette!

The boss is a Frenchman as well.
We had a lovely bottle of red, to go with dinner.


What should we order?

It was a quiet night, so we had the whole restaurant to ourselves.

I ate so much that night!

After a romantic dinner with only the two of us, we went to a lively place.... the Night Market!

But dun expect it to be like Bangkok or Taiwan.. its rather small!

We took a local cyclo (Bikes with seats) to the Rex Hotel for a nightcap!

The uncle was very nice! He quoted us a reasonable fare, and while pedaling - he gave us detailed descriptions of places and buildings as we passed them by!
All in chinese somemore - coz he said he worked in Malaysia when he was younger.

Rex Hotel!

It was made famous and popular by American troops during the Vietnam War when its conference room hosted a daily press conference, by the MACV, derisively named The Five O'Clock Follies by cynical journalists who found the optimism of leading US military officers to be misguided.
Its rooftop bar was a well known hangout spot for military officials and war correspondents.

We ordered a drink, listened to the live band playing and enjoyed each other's company.

We walked back to the hotel and this is Ho Chi Minh at night.

Lastly.. another beef noodle room service for who else?!
(Not me!)

Good night everyone!
Im taking alot of Vitamin C now, and trying to rest my voice before I go back to Singapore tomorrow.

Take care and drink more water dear all.


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Take care all!


vis: I buy my eyelash from all over! The ones u see currently are from Taiwan.

xue: I apply my FTE BEFORE moisturiser! But after toner! :D

cindy: No but I use leftover moisturiser on the neck too! Hee!

katherina: Hmmm u try to stop ur eye cream at the moment, it might be too rich for ur skin. But milla seeds can only be 'burned' or lasered off.
Go to a reputable skin doctor, they have the equipment to do so.
But it takes sometime to heal, my gf did it and it looked like am insect bite for at least 3-5 days. Take care!

Tiffany: hehee thank u! I didnt buy much, just some usual stuff but Im in NYC right now and I bought another palette from Two-faced! OMG ahhahah im so implusive! :p

Cher: Yes dear! I spray some hairspray (Tresemme) for it to last, but sometimes I dun coz I get lazy. Or rushing for time. LOL.

tellme: Hi dear! I do it before AND after! conceal, foundation and then conceal again!
And yes.. ehehee the palette is good! :)

I.tulips: Hhehehe! My dear its all sold out! I tried to find some but all sold out here in NYC! I guess I was lucky previously. Did u try Sephora Singapore?

Concern: thanks sweets but I have no choice coz its for work... :(

Teh Lai Bai bai: Thank u dearie! I dun really have pimples but when I do, I use some pimple cream on it! I find that a toner (Clinque) helps and I regularly exfoliate my skin!
It get rids of dead skin cells and also speed up skin renewal process. :)

Liting: Thank u sweetheart!!!

ping: Thank u dearieeee! Hug hug yes I love the pink top its soooo cute!! Like cupcakes.. hmmm..

Liting: hahhaha u very cute la! Yes I use my regular stuff coz it works n they are good!! But of coz being a girl I like to buy alot of rubbish~ sometimes I use once n forget abt it!!! So difficult to curb hor!!! Esp when the packaging is cute... like those Japanese makeup!! I oso will buy one lor!!! :P

Passerby: Heheee he is working a 9-5 job in Singapore, but becoz his profession has something to do with the jungle (hence the name!) he actually goes to the jungle from time to time.

guttfat: Okiee I will try! :D

I love Japan too but no $: Ur nick very cuteeee!! hahahha I dun go there regularly at all! But once in awhile (like, 1 yr!) And yes thats my colleague!! She's indonesian thou! Very cute girl.. so young too! Ask ur sis to try la! Can one! :D

Added in*
Hahahha i sometimes lazy to use sunblock but now im using one from Japan!
Its a spray kind n see one day I will take picture n post up k!!!

fan: Hahahaha thank u for ur concern n love! :D He is very fine thank you.. busy with work and also with me! :p
I irritate him from time to time, and he irritates me most of the time.
He still drinks occasionally but too bad, cannot sian ah lian already.
Now his 'brudders' all either married, or with kids so they also busy and cannot go out like last time to play 'five ten'. Sometimes we all get together for a BBQ or sunday brunch with the kids and everyone settled down now so I think if LBT ever go back to blogging nobody will read becoz it will look like an article out of Home & Garden instead of FHM.
But yes, I will pass the love to him, thanks dearie!

Spec: Nope.. CDP only in takashimaya! Sian hor! :(

Florence: Hehehe thank u sweetheart! Hahah I look very diff in uniform leh!! Soooo old.. :P
N yes.. I hope to go Japan for holiday soon too... so sad that this has to happen to such a lovely country..

sunflower: I use a S95 for some of my pics but if u are referring to the DSLR ones - its not mine! Jungle Boy takes them with his D3S (Nikon) and edits them before giving me.. so some of it is colour enhanced. Although I dun edit them myself thou. :)

J: hahahaha i need an hour too! But most of my time is spent choosing on what to wear! Coz I always dunno wat to wear!!!

MondayBluezz: Hello dear! Hmmm I dun have oily scalp.. but I have dry hair! Am using the TIGI range of shampoo that I got from USA but I do like to change my shampoo around.
I using use Pantene, Silkpro or Dove from Watsons becoz I have very thick hair and I use alot of shampoo! LOL! So cannot use too expensive shampoo.. finish very fast. :p
Not only that - my fringe is curled every time I go out using a curling tong : See my hair tutorial previously posted k! :):)

gg: Why do I trim my hair?
Or WHERE do I trim my hair?? If its the latter, its Ivy at Supercuts @ east coast. :D

Silver: Ok thanks dear! I link u up k!!!

Okieee bye everyone... phew! Its a looooong post!
Hope u enjoy the pics - Im off to watch my TVB show.. :D

And back to Singapore soon!
Missing my bed.. love all.
Cya soon!

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