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Monday, August 08, 2011

Hello everyone!
What a lovely day to the brand new start of the week.

Im off to a fishing trip later, and then its NATIONAL DAY tomorrow!!!!
Organizing a steamboat dinner with both families while watching the parade!
Yay! :)

So before I pack my bags to get dirty, here's some pictures behind the scenes to my pre-wedding photoshoot in Malacca.

Saturday - 30th July 2011
It was bright and early when we started the makeup.

I decided on a loose updo with sideswept fringe for my first look.
But frankly I really had no idea what I wanted... and had to get Joie to give me some pointers.

Its advisable to wear something loose so that u will not mess up ur makeup and hair when u change into ur gowns.

My pink gown!

Usually a clean fresh look is recommended for the white wedding gown.

Once the makeup is done, its time to change into my white gown!

Trying out lengths of the veil.

I chose a veil with some lace detailing becoz I loved the 'romantic' feel of lace!
The end result!

Wearing my earrings.

We went to the A.Fomasa Fort for our first shoot.
A Famosa is a Portuguese fortress located in Malacca, Malaysia.It is among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in Asia.The Porta de Santiago, a small gate house, is the only remaining part of the fortress still standing.

Actually I was very tak glam.. coz I was wearing slippers the whole time!
For brides-to-be, u dun have to bring ur actual shoes for the photoshoot becoz nobody can see them! And its soooo uncomfortable walking in heels! So wearing slippers is the best thing to do!!! :p

It was a Saturday so there was hoards of people around.

Testing 1, 2, 3...

Look! Such a beautiful horse!

My mummy and her umbrella, water and fan! LOL!

It was a HOT day! But thankfully there were some clouds so it was slightly bearable!
Many many pattern more than badminton.

There were soooo many cute school children!!!
Children are so adorable, they innocently stand and stare becoz they found it weird to see someone in a long white dress and suit standing in the middle of a sunny day!

So we roped them into our pictures.

We had to climb here, climb there..

Sharing a funny moment.

And a much-needed Coke break!

More climbing!

We bought bubble swords from a roadside hawker!
George had a cute idea when he saw bubbles in the air... !!

But... the hard work behind the picture..!!
Hahahha! So cute right!

George hard at work.

I cant get up without help!

Love this candid picture! The lady was smiling at me as we walked past her! :)

George is full of nonsensical ideas! First horse.. now parrot!
Zoo or wat, keke!

Posing.... Look at the crowd behind!!!

Poor George is surrounded by a huge kaypoh crowd...

Suddenly alot of DSLRs in my direction...

This little boy is so cute!
He was so shy.. so his mum asked if he could take a pic with me..

A cute Japanese lady wanted to take a picture with me!

And there was a nice gentleman singing with his guitar there!

The end of our Fomosa shoot!

We had a quick lunch (with beers!!) before we changed to do indoor shooting.

Back to the hotel for a change in outfits!

My second look is a slightly more dramatic, tousled look.
Joie gave me smoky eyes with a richer lipstick to complement my Nonya kebaya.
My hair was tonged in small sections and pinned up.

Love the HAIR!

Shot on location in our hotel - Puri.

This whole trip is solely for my kebaya pictures! LOL!
And my mum got him a batik shirt to match me, since baju lokchuan (Traditional Baba outfits) were harder to find.

Im actually going against Peranankan tradition by wearing black.
But I hope the red in my sarong makes up for it, keke!

BFF tagged along to take pictures!

While Im taking individual pictures, he is ordering beer on the side!

Pink Gown Time!

Essentially same hair and makeup but I changed the colour of my lipstick and Joie pinned a pink flower in my hair to match the gown.

Another reason why I really love Malacca... street shots!

We walked along the streets in the evening...

Jonker Street flea market is starting soon...

Vibrant colours with an old-school feel.

Us dancing to Hokkien songs blasting from somewhere.

My pink fan came in handy, ya!

Walking in slippers again...

When the night falls.. I changed into my personal blue gown and we danced in the street!

Thank you everyone for ur hard work... the photoshoot was a great success!
Cheers to the fun we had during the trip and your valuable friendship ever since!

And of coz.. thank u for dropping by this little space of mine.

I hope u enjoyed some of the pictures that went behind the scenes.. and hopefully the professional pictures will turn out great!!!

Take care everyone~

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Too bad it was too late to bring all these to my photoshoot in Malacca!
Sob sob!

This girl is sooooo pretty!
The toga gown is gorgeous.. I really LOVE this look!

Which one do u like?

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Take care babes!
Im off fishing tonight with JungleBoy, then back tomorrow morning!
Hope we catch many many fish ok!

Love & Kisses.


missykimchi: Oooohhhh cute nick! Reminds me of korean food.. yum yum! LOL!
Thank u so much dear! I hope u enjoy ur stay here! *hugz*

Yllas: Hello babe!! Ooooohhhh so many food to choose from in macau!!! Ok first u must go buy almond cookies coz they are famous for it.. although it might get alittle messy eating it at home. Where will u be staying? I stayed at Four Seasons in Cotai so sometimes we ate around the area (u saw it in my prev post on Macau) and then we also went to town to eat.

Here is a food guide that u can use, Macau Food Guide!
I personally tried some of the food as mentioned, like the noodles and milk pudding and Pork Chop Bun! :):)
p.s its impossible to not gain weight coz it is really a food haven!!!! LOL!!!

ping: Thank u dear!!!! Hahhaha but my necklace is a cheap knock-off from Far East Plaza!! $14.90 only!!!! :p

Anon: LOL pls dun envy me la! I also very tak glam sometimes! N very normal life... nothing exciting like some other bloggers ok!!! Hahhaha! :p
My maxi is from Forever21! Cheap n good!!!

Milktea: Thank u milkteaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! Fp was sooooooo looooong ago can!!!!!! OMG!
Hahahha Joie used MAC primer if Im not wrong... and yes her makeup skills is v v good!!!!
Hope u enjoyed my pre-wed post!!!!! Alot of spoiler pics from behind the scenes but I not shy one!!! Hahhhahahh! :p
p.s if H&M come Singapore I think alot of girls die... shop til death!! :p

hello: I shop at local blogshops...!!! U can see my links to blogshops from the various posts.. the clothes are nice and the owners are very reliable!!! U shop at ASOS???
I heard abt it but I never shop there before??!! Coz I cheapo and the clothes r quite ex right!
But hows the shipping charges? N fast anot delivery??

Ok bye guys!!!
Hope u enjoyed this post!
Cya! :D

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