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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Hello everyone... !
Its the weekend already ya? I loveeee Saturdays - its a day for couples to paktor, for families to meet up, for shopaholics to go shopping or like the rest of the world : to sleep in.

But my previous Saturday was a busy busy day for everyone in Malacca!
Let's start with Friday first okieee?

Our morning breakfast in Johor.
Our coach stopped by at this kopitiam.

I like to eat wanton mee for breakfast!
It reminds me of my childhood when my daddy will go to the market and tabao wanton mee for me every Sunday.
Put ketchup many many ~

The whole team, including my mummy who came along with us!

A small introduction to our fabulous plus funny til deaaaath team...

The one taking the picture on the right is (obviously...haha!) my wonderful photographer George from Creme, the couple posing is my 38 sister-in-crime Joie of Makeup by Joie & her lovely husband YJ and last by not least.. the one posing in the middle of the road is our PG assistant... Kungfu Panda Jacky Lee!
He is sooooo bloody cute... we can laugh until cry at his jokessss lor!

Special Thanks to the lovely Sassy Beauties for my BubbleGum Toga ($22/-) top!

But be warned - that is the only and last glam picture of me... coz it was sooo hot and crazy - I looked like a mad woman in the scorching weather! :p
Getting a drink at our second pitstop.

Passing by the streets of Malacca..

After settling down in the hotel, we went to the most famous street in Malacca in search for FOOD!

Jacky making me laugh!

Boater Hat : Far East Plaza
BubbleGum Toga Top : Sassy Beauties
Shorts : Forever21
Shoes: Tory Burch
Bag: Liz Lisa Rattan Bag

I am tempted to buy these clogs! So niceeeee the colours.

I love this pic of Joie & YJ!

We were starving so chicken rice ball sounds like a GREAT idea!

Introducing.. My hilarious mummy who followed me throughout the trip, shielding me from the sun with her auntie umbrella, holding my water bottle during the shoot and of coz.. buying me that $2 ringgit fan!
I loved the fan so much I actually used it as a prop for my pink gown! Heehee!

Goodness yummy!

Fishballs in the bowl , rice balls on the side!

OMG.. char siew & roasted pork!

Its soooo cute, those retro pictures on the wall!

Fishball or Rice Ball?

These switches reminds me of the ones in my late Ah Gong's house!!!
I would tip toe to switch them on and off.. and they made a cute 'click click' sound that I adore!

Jacky posing with my Pink & Black fan!

In search for Chendol!

It was a burning HOT day so we were dying for some chendol!!!!

Delicious to the max la!!!

Continuing our walk around Jonker.

Joie is soooo pretty!

YJ is the handsome one in the group! But still lose Jacky Kungfu Panda abit...

I think Jacky making everybody laugh.

BFF and husband Mr Ong.

Checking out the price of something at the night market.

We saw this ang moh sitting at the roadside cafe with the iguana on his shoulder!
And all of us girls went.. "Eeeeewwww!" but the guys were like," Cool...!!!"

And on our way back to the hotel we saw this ah pek in a very nice vintage car!!

After shopping, walking, exploring - we went for beers and dinner!

My bibik mummy did the ordering.. and when she orders...

Nancy's Peranankan Food was authentic and very different from the ones we find locally!
They sell kueh and nonya dumplings too.

And shopping again..!

We all the same pattern one lor!

She's gonna kill me.. but what the heck.

Goodbye everyone!
I hope u enjoyed catching a glimpse of our pre-wedding photoshoot in Malacca!
Back with more on the actual photoshoot soon!

Take care and have a great day ahead, guys!


Special Love to Sassy Beauties again for my BubbleGum Toga top!
It was a PERFECT sunshine look and happy colour for my Malacca outing!

All readers can simply quote Elaine73 for FREE NORMAL POSTAGE!

Check out their lovely Blue Beauty and Black Beauty Toga dresses!
U can either dress it up with heels or go grecian with gladiator flats in those!

Here's afew of my personal favourites.

Sassy Beauties
Sassy Beauties
Sassy Beauties


kathy: Jungle Boy works in the jungle leh! Thats why he is called Jungle Boy... ! Really!
And we dun travel that often.. usually its short 3-4 day vacations during the weekends if he is not in the jungle.

anon: Dun envy me la! I is normal girl and eat hawker food and wear shorts n slippers everywhere. :)
My favourite things to do is to go pasar malam and drink teh tarik. Very normal what!

milktea: Hello babe! I still love Forever21 leh!!! Although yes I bery old going to be 30 soon! SOB SOB! Hahahha! But I do enjoy clothes online, coz they are so much cheaper!!!
I dun have any favourite labels becoz I believe in buying cheap clothes since fashion change so fast. But I have afew staple pieces like jackets, or nice dresses that cost slightly more due to the quality and material used.
Likewise, I like buying bags and shoes becoz they tend to last longer and also through the seasons.
Although I usually wear slippers half of the time in Singapore la! Coz I dun like wearing heels often - leg pain wor!

Ok bye everyoneeeee take care!
Back soon!

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