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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hello everyone!
Is it Thursday already?? The week passed me by so quickly I had no time to waste!
Malacca was lotsa fun.. the weather was really hot but thankfully there was no rain.

I came back two shades darker, hair alot drier and my nails looked like a mess.
So it was time for some salon pampering and at least now things are 'back to normal'.

I have about a thousand plus pics from the Malacca trip so sorting the pictures out would take some time.

We laughed, eat, played and worked hard.
Not forgetting the drinking.. !! Every other picture had beer in it.

More on Malacca soon!
Back to HongKong Day 2 Part I!

Taking a cab to HongKong Island from Kowloon.

Passing by impressive tall buildings.

Long queue of taxis.

Standing in the middle of a junction!

HongKong is CROWDED.

Grabbing a muffin on the go.

Going to Landmark!

I love it becoz it had AIR-CON and wifi!
It was soooo hot in HK... I can die!

Soon it was time for lunch!

My favourite restaurant!

YUNG KEE serves the best roast goose and century eggs!


5 kinds.

Beef noodles.

It was a hearty meal in the middle of Lan Kwai Fong.

Chefs at work.

We buy the century eggs in bulk everytime we come HK!

Taking the ferry back to Tsim Sha Tsui.

Bye Central, Hello Kowloon!

Reaching the ferry terminal.

It was a breezy ride!
Before we know it, it was the end of our short stay in HongKong before we pack our bags to go MACAU!

Bye Bye W!

Part II below.

Yung Kee Restaurant
32-40 Wellington Street
Hong Kong
Tel: 2522 1624

Macau - City of Dreams

Short ride to Ferry Terminal where it was rather similar to our Habourfront.
U can see mills of people taking a ferry to Macau, a mere 1 hour away from HK.

We took TurboJet, one of the companies under Stanley Ho.

It was a smooth ride and soon we arrived at the customs.

On the way.. along Macau.

We stayed at Cotai Strip, Four Seasons.

Extremely different from our hotel in HongKong, the Four Seasons was a classic European opulent designed room - completed with a bedroom, a kitchen, study table and living room.

I loved the bathroom most!
It had two sinks, and a huge bathtub and a mini TV!

View from our room.

I changed and we went to find some food! (eat again..!!!)

It feels like I was in Europe!
Four seasons just is next to the Venetian, so imagine looking at 'Venice' everyday!

Taxi-driver said this is one of the most expensive condos in Macau.

Macau was a Portuguese colony and both the first and last European colony in China.

So everywhere was road/street signs in Portuguese!

I loveeee the place! It has retro shophouses, food and cute little toys that I have seen in my childhood!

Not forgetting their most famous Almond biscuits!
The smell of freshly-baked cookies are amazing... !

The most famous almond cookie shop! Long queue!

Hot and fresh out from the oven!

We bought some back!
(Must la... we are Singaporeans u noe! See queue must queue, see people buy we also must buy what!) :p

Love the heavily Portuguese-influenced buildings.

Another bakery... ahahhaa they are everywhere!

Soon it was time for the most famous crab porridge in Macau!
Look at the long queue... !!

Beer to quench our taste and to provide some chill in the hot summer day!

Tried some of their most popular dishes.

And their most delicious dish... Crab Porridge!

Dessert time! Also another long queue!

Contented look!

Back to buying more cookies!
Soooooo crowded!

Big bag small bag me!

Back to the hotel..

We had a great time at the Moet & Chandon Bar!

Blindingly GOLD!

I really like all the BUBBLE LIGHTS.. !!! They look like champagne right!

My champagne Mojito!
So delicious - I drank a sip and was like," Hello Im drunk!"

We wanted to order strawberries but they run out of them : but the very kind waitress actually gave me these with compliments on the house!
Sooooo sweettttt....

The night ended with his favourite club sandwich for supper.. :)

I hope u enjoyed this loooong post! Tags replied below so take care everyone!

I'll sort out my Malacca pics asap.. I really love them!
It reminded me of all the great fun and wonderful people that made our pre-wedding pics possible.

Back soon.

Special Love to:

Missy Lemon for their Annie Crossbody Bag
LoveMi for their Brown Ruffled Top

Bye everyone!


Elyn: Hahhaahha I also thought ppl will forget about it! :p
I so cheater-bug.. wahhaahha~
N why ur guy frend almost fainted?? Coz of the name? Orgasm?? LOLOLOL!

elaine reader: Hahah, i have met sooo many unreasonable ppl anyways.. but one thing i always try to remember is NOT TO TAKE IT PERSONALLY!
Its silly to be angry over it becoz most likely ppl are not angry 'at' us.. but rather at the 'company'... so I guess its just part of the job. :)
On the rare occasions that I get a nasty customer, I usually act 'bimbo' or ignore the person.
The more u try to 'cover up' ur mistake, the angrier the person gets.
Usually i just let the person cool down and pretend that nothing had happened! LOL!

joey: Yeah! It was nice!! He had the hazelnut thingy and it was really nice too!!! hahah!
But the best part of the view la, so relaxing. :)

missy-silver: Hello babe!!!! U enjoyed ur HCM yeah!!! Its fun la! But I prefer BKK for the shopping hahahhaha! Ooopps! :p

Jane: Thanks dear! But I have never used kiehls before.. although my gf swears by them. I use my regular products eg La Mer, SKII etc so I dun try other brands unless I itchy backside.. ahhaha :p So far haven try Kiehls thou! :(

JennyW: Thank U for ur support wor!!! I loveee Hello Kitty I can tell u lor.. siao one! Some of my close friends call me Kitty.. wahhhaahah althou I like dogs more keke! I only like 1 kitty n that is Hello Kitty!!! LOLOLOL!

Yllas: Thank u dear!!! I love that dress too!!!

Guest: Its called "Loose Setting Powder" dear! :)

Jo: OH DEAR! Im soooo sorry to hear that sweets!!! I feel bad!!!! :(
My best friend Wendy does my hair now (she's in TWISTER HOUGANG) I live in the east so I go to Ivy previously coz it was near, but now I go back to Wendy coz I have more time.)
Twister Hougang Mall : Tel 6387 4044

Lin: Good to hear that dear!!! Drop by soon ya! :)

mochaccinoland: Yesss the food is good but the Q... madness lor!!! Omg i love HK for the food n shopping cannot imagine if I stay there... everyday meet u go eat n shop ahahhaha!

bx: Thank u sweets! Thanks for the support too!!! This blog have been around for sometime and I know its the regular readers like u that have been silently reading and supporting me... so big hugz!

piepie: Hello dear!!! Nice of u to drop by again!!! :D
My tops are from everywhere!!! Some of them are from my sponsored blogshops.. so Im extremely thankful to have found them! :D

-lyne: Thanks dear!!! actually I have no style leh... as compared to some of the stylish bloggers, I think I really CMI hahahha! I just throw on whatever I feel like.. :p

fay: Hi fay! I use PuriCamera app in iphone and its sooo cute!
I dun really have a real office job but I did work in one for awhile before I joined the airline. Coz I went for interview then SARS happened so my fren asked me to work in an oil company for awhile coz they needed people at that moment.. so since I was free (after my dip) I worked there for around 6 mths or so. :)
But it was very fun! everyday chat online, or go happy hour.. ooops!!!! That time I was barely 20... hahhahh!

mochaccinoland: Thanks dear!!! Fingers crossed!!!! :D

Tiffany: Thank u for ur love!!! :) My number 1 skincare product is my La mer creme!!! OMG its my fav lor.. can die w/o it coz my skin is sooo used to it!
Its quite expensive but use alittle bit bit goes a loooong way!
2nd product is my sheet masks! Those 'My beauty diary' kind.. cheap n good!!! N so easy to use! Just put one on, and watch tv! Everybody can mei mei everyday!!!

Actually... i have thought abt that question.. but I have no answer!
If I haven met him.. maybe I would be single? Or married with 2 kids?? ahahhahahah!! :P

milktea: Hahahha we do have a weakness for travelling I guess!!!! He has a stressful job so sometimes the only way to relax is to go for short-getaways with me! Hahhaha!
And he likes to take pictures... so sometimes actually the place not so nice la.. is picture nice only :p

Ok bye everyone!
This is a long post!

Preview of Malacca!

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