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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Helloooo everyone~!
Im having a quiet evening in writing and watching my favourite TVB show!
Ooooh ... happiness is spending some me-time alone without any distraction.

Back to Macau, shall we?

But first, on a personal note - Thank you dear all very, very much with the kind comments on my pre-wedding photoshoot.
And I was initially alittle apprehensive of Malacca at first, but Im truly an old soul and I really loved the vintage feel of the town. I still love how retro everything was, and how a blast from the past those personal pictures looked.
So hopefully the professional ones will turn out fabulous! I do have faith in George! :D

Macau Day 2

We woke up bright and early for breakfast before we go sight-seeing!

Jungle Daddy Mummy.

Taking a taxi to Macau Cable Car!

Going up, up, up and away!

Walking up to Guia Fortress.

The Guia Fortress is a historical military fort, chapel, and lighthouse complex in the St. Lazarus Parish. The fort and chapel were constructed between 1622 and 1638, after an unsuccessful attempt by the Netherlands to capture Macau from Portugal.
The lighthouse was constructed between 1864 and 1865, the first western style lighthouse in east Asia or on the China coast. The complex was built upon the highest point on Macau, Guia Hill, and named after the same location. Today, the site is a tourist destination.

There was alot of walking!

But it was a lovely day.

Walking up to the Chapel.

After we came down...

We went to Macau's most popular icon.. !!!
Can u recognise this?

Ruins of St Paul.

The Ruins of St. Paul's refers to the ruins of a 16th century complex in Macau including of what was originally St. Paul's College and the Cathedral of St. Paul also known as "Mater Dei", a 17th century Portuguese cathedral dedicated to Saint Paul the Apostle.
Today, the ruins are one of Macau's most famous landmarks.


Going into the museum.

From the top.

Every tourist will come here to take a pic or two!!
It was soooo crowded.

But seriously, how amazing is this.

Going to the walking street.

It was a HOT day!!! And I was dying for my fix of bubble tea!

But we had a mission.

Wong Chi Kei has the best handmade noodles in Macau!
Look at the looooong queue!

But the system is really cute here - due to the large number of customers, Wong Chi Kei gives out pieces of paper with numbers on them. And u wait for ur number to be called out before being led to a table.
Its hugely similar to our local Ding Tai Feng system : But there is no automated signboard or walkie-talkies used here , just good ol' hollering from the waitresses.

I ish hungry now.

Wong Chi Kei
No.17 Largo do Senado, Macau

Walking around Senado Square.

Milk Pudding time!

Wow its so crowded!

Leitaria I Son
No. 7, Largo Senado (Senado Square)
Tel: 28573638

In the middle.

Had to go Hotel Lisboa!!

Old and New.


Casino Lisboa is one of the most famous hotel casinos in Macau.
The casino is owned by the Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau (STDM), a Stanley Ho company. The original casino and the 12-storey round hotel tower were built in 1970 by Stanley Ho, Teddy Yip, Yip Hon and Henry Fok. A 270-room extension was added in 1991 for a total of 927 rooms. As of 2006, yet another extension, the Grand Lisboa, is being built next to the current complex.

Going back to the hotel.

Took a shower (coz it was burning!) and off to the lounge for a quick drink before we go for sight-seeing round 2.

Snacks and more.

Off to The Venetian!

Am I in Macau??

This is the foodcourt! So nice!


U cant tell if its night or day.

Dinnertime in Taipa Village!

Their crab was really YUMMY.. !!!

Decided to go Hard Rock Hotel to take a look!

Rock Shop!

And then.. a supper ritual..

Last Day in Macau!


Pretend only.
I dunno how to play piano de! LOL!

We are going, going, going Macau Tower!

Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre, also known as Macau Tower, - is a tower located in the former Portuguese colony of Macau. The tower measures 338 m (1,109 ft) in height from ground level to the highest point. An observation deck with panoramic views, restaurants, theaters, shopping malls and the Skywalk X, a thrilling walking tour around the outer rim.
It offers the best view of Macau and in recent years has been used for a variety of adventurous activities.

Nobody told me there was Hello Kitty everywhere in Macau Tower!

From the top.


I think people bungee-jump here.. but I dun dare!

Going back to Venetian for a quick lunch before we pack up and leave Macau!

Gondola ride!

Pork Chop Bun!
Soooo sinful but delicious!

Hello Macau Harbour! (again)

We took the ferry to HongKong Airport directly this time coz we are not staying over in HongKong but flying back to Singapore straight.

And then, something so familiar.

Thank you everyone for being here!
Im off to watch more TV and tomorrow off to brunch!

Enjoy ur weekend ~



mochaccinoland: Thank u dear!!! Not photogenic.. camera good. :p

hello: Thanks for the info!!! But eh.. ASOS very expensive leh! I went to take a look and nearly fainted... easily 45POUNDS!!! :(
Hahahha but Im sure the material is good though.. :) So I guess u pay for wat u get sometimes. Hehehe.
And hmmm.. Im not sure wat powder Joie uses leh! Ok one day I ask her n tell u k! :D
I rem she used a 2-way cake kind of powder, very lasting but abit too thick for normal daily wear? Becoz its a photoshoot so I guess she needed to use something with more coverage.
But her skills r really good! I loved the makeup. :D

kat: Thank u kat. From the bottom of my heart.
It is a small world after all. :)

curious: Haha! U r very cute!!! But no, jungle boy is just plain jungle boy to me. :D
And no.. never been scouted by any TV or print models coz Im too short in person!!! :p

polarie: Thanks babe!!! Thank u for dropping by too!!!

-lyne: Haahahahah yes! There was alot of tourist taking pics of us too that day!! :p

curious: Thats not true!!! I have been through difficult periods in my life! But I tend to be abit bimbotic la, dun think so much, take it easy and nothing is more impt than life itself.
But more imptly, be thankful for wat u have and wat God gave. :D
We come with nothing, and one day we will all leave with nothing. Life's short so just be happy!

faithful reader: Omg thank u sweets! Ur encouragement means alot to me too!
It is extremely difficult to write in an open space and not invite criticism online - but thankfully and gratefully, I realise I do have sincere readers like u who have really grown with me throughout these years and I somehow this blog make me feel like Im 'talking' to friends instead.

milktea: Hahahah u & ur sister very cute lor! Put next to next?? ROFL!
I dun think there is any right or wrong? But personally I will not buy those AA goods coz very paiseh lor! I mean if ppl can tell la.. :p
But 'inspired' pieces are ok... as long as they dun have the brand on the item - its not so bad!
I mean, fashion is meant to be copied right? My favourite Forever21 also forever copying branded designers! hahaah!
p.s I dun have a walk-in closet leh! Its an L shaped closet.. so I guess I can 'walk-into' it to call it a walk in closet.. but technically its not! Hahahha! :p

Yllas: Thanks dearie!! Hahhaha expensive hotel or cheap hotel oso same one... coz u will be so tired from all the sight-seeing u got no time to enjoy the hotel!!! Hahhaha really!!!

ping: Yes we did!!! On the last day of malacca! Satay celup with beer n stout!! omg yummy!!!

citrella: Hello babe! How r u! Thank u so much! Hahhaha the pics are nice coz camera good.. :p

elaine fan-si: Omg hahhaha ur nickname!!! I really need to give award for cutest nickname in my tag box leh!!!!! U guys are geniuses...!!! Not like me... boring elaine73!!! CMI~ :(
Anyways! LOL!
I am 158cm.. the minimum req for joining the airline! Hope this helps!!!
p.s ahhahah yes.. u are bery cleber leh! Oopps! Pik ciat lobang!

catalyst: Thanks dear! My blue dress is from Annef Dorell in Mandarin Galley.
I dun have a pic at the moment.. coz the photoshoot is the only time I wore it! Hahah!
I made it for a fren's wedding but in the end I wore something else.
Thats why I told myself to at least wear it once! LOL!

Florence: Hello dear! Thank u so much! I was glad it didnt rain so thank you for ur prayers! U r too kind!! *hugz*

Sunflower44: Thank u dear!!! Small world eh!!!! Joie is a great MUA.. Im glad to have found her.
Whats ur hubby name? I tell Joie LOL!

Curious: I am lor!!! My powder n foundation better have spf coz the weather can kill and I am naturally tanned so I dun wan to get any darker!!! (But its HARD!)
Sometimes I use my BB cream from Etude House ( bought in Malacca! cheaper there!) and it has SPF 30 so Im happie with it. :D

Ok guys... this is one looong post!
Hope u all have a good night ~ Im off to bed!

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