Oysters With Lusilala

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello peeps!
Hows ur weekend?
I personally love Sundays becoz we usually do brunch at Oscars and their oysters are YUMMILICIOUS!

Absolutely drool-worthy.

Specially Thanks to Lusilala for their extremely sexy Kafele Crystal Dress!

I cant stop eating!

And if u ever drop by, just try their bee hoon fish soup!

But my favourite part of a meal is the DESSERTS!
I dun really have a huge sweet-tooth but once in a while - I loveeee indulging.

They do waffles too!
Here's also a close-up of the sleek black top!

Nonya Kueh too!

I ate soooo much that day!
Was so stuffed, we had to take a walk around the mall before I feel better!

Thank you for dropping by!
Would love to show more pics but its a crazily busy time for me now~ !
Take care and stay lovely all.


Drop by Lusilala soon!
Special Thanks with hugs for my V-neck Kafele Crystal Dress !!

I wore it as a top, paired with dark bootleg jeans and nude heels!

Created to share their love for designing and fashion : Lusilala stands by their beliefs of keeping things simple. They have no fanciful photoshoots or pretty models to allow the clothes to speak for themselves.
Quality is assured as everything is handpicked and chosen with great care & consideration!

Readers now can simply quote ELAINE73 for $1 off all LusiLala Labels in their opening special!
And if you join the mailing list from now to September - one lucky reader stand the chance to win an Agnes B necklace!
It looks so cuteeee, so hurry!!

Results to be announced on 01/10/11.
Happy Shopping everyone!


maxim: Thanks babe! I got it from Forever21 NYC!

funky_bee: OMG yessss I rem u ok!!! Thank u for dropping by dear! :) How have u been??

elaine fan-si: ROFL!! Yes Jungle Daddy has long white hair! Sometimes we tease him coz as compared to Jungle Boy, he is more 'wild'!! kekeke!
And ahhahaah I dun think anyone would turn up if I ever do a 'meet-everybody' session! Maybe only u lor!!!! :p
And my pink striped top is from Hollister. (My fave american brand!!!)

eggshell: Thanks dear! But no becoz that was the only time I wore it! Its still hanging in my cupboard!!!

hellokitty: LOL! hahahhah i looked like a little chubby malay girl. I was so dark with huge eyes... I dun think anyone thought I was chinese!!!
But then I became vain in secondary school so I wore contacts and grew my hair longer.
And plucked my eyebrows really thin! Omg ... that was my ah lian era... :(

yllas: Enjoy ur trip dear!!! :)

faithful reader: LOL! Coz I cant rem but I guessed it has something to do with Jungle Boy pics?? :p
My personal friends know how guarded I am about him.
(Remind me to ask Miss Simplicity aka BFF Miko about it when I meet her this week!Haahaha!)

EPO: I have so many bad experiences but one of them was when I dropped out of Poly.
I had no job, no school to attend and no aim in life.
My parents - although furious, had very kindly kept a roof over my head and hot meals for me whenever I was hungry. But then I was young, defiant and definitely ungrateful then. :(
I just wanted to bum around with my friends and do absolutely nothing.
Until my mum forced me to get a job.
That job was my previous job. :)
It taught me so much, about life, about people but most importantly- to be humble.
So, I stayed on for abt 7 and a half years until I decided to quit. :)
Nothing is really impossible if u put ur heart to it!

Sunflower44: Its on 01.10.11 !!! Very soon!!! :p

EPO: Wow thats alot!!! I dun really take anything but I take some multi-vits from my doctor (if I remember!) I used to take GNC's women vitamins but they made me pretty 'heaty' so I stopped!

joey: LOL! He's actually an artist, too. :)

B: Thank u dear B! Miss u lots!

terry: I surf my sponsors online shops (no kidding coz Im quite kuku in that sense!) but I still love reading books best! And yes u remembered! That book has been quite a 'bible' for my single frends - I often lent them that when they get jilted. Hahahha oops!!! :p

aris: Congrats to u too dearie!!! Im def not keeping my gown although I would love to becoz I have NO space for it and what do u do with a wedding gown??? :P

Ok take care everyone!!!
Back soon!

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