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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hi guys!
Fridays are lovely especially with the weekend coming and the weather being so nice and cold staying in with a cuppa tea soothes my soul.

Remember about my previous post?
Im so excited to announce that I am the OFFICIAL BLOGGER for KIRA !
"Unveil Your True Beauty - Be Amazed, Be Fantasizied, Be Pampered"

KIRA is a Japanese Wellness beauty haven and they have the most extensive and widest variety of treatments that I have ever seen!
Designed and tailored to suit each unique person, their friendly and experienced therapist will advise you accordingly.
Everyone is special, so why settle for less?

Housed in 3 convenient locations - Orchard Central, NEX and Thomson Plaza - KIRA Professional Salon is cosy and a very much welcomed respite to a hectic work week.

Love the flowers!

Known for their Anti-sagging Face Therapy : KIRA programs include their DR.Recella Signature Treatments, to Pearl and Charcoal Collagen Facials , to Ultra Nano Gold and Silver Treatments!

I am spoilt for choice by simply looking at their extensive menu!

Or how about a body scrub and a massage too?
Massages are great perk-me-ups during the week when you feel sluggish and overwhelmed with work so why not try KIRA Slimming Massage at the same time?
They also have Relaxing massages which include Swedish, Deep Tissue and even Lymphatic Drainage to lose water retention!

Quick Tip for water retention: Drink more water!
Cut out salt, sodium and avoid adding MSG in your food. Salt makes you thirsty and your body holds on to water as a result.
I avoid snacks like potato chips and salted nuts becoz you tend to consume these 'empty calories' overly without realising it. And even when you feel like having some, limit yourself to a handful and drink more water after. The trick is moderation.

I really cant wait to try their Body Contouring Program like their exclusive Santa Dome Treatment - which burns calories, improves metabolism and help beat cellulite!
This equipment specialises in slimming purposes, and helps you to maintain your figure despite indulging in all the great food in Singapore!

The Dome.

As I am have always advocated looking and feeling your best from the inside out, KIRA also very kindly offered to let me try their new detox and meal replacement program!
Made in Japan, Kushi Cooso is economically packed for the busy working woman who has no time for a proper breakfast each morning! Simply mix with water and off you go!

It is healthy, delicious and convenient - and its main ingredient, the Ashitaba Leaves is used by the Japanese for centuries in aid of the digestive and immunity system.
And you know you will look great on the outside if you feel great from the inside!

A range of products available at KIRA.

Are you as excited as I am now??

And that is not all, KIRA will be working closely with me to offer a very special READER-ONLY MONTHLY OFFER specially for all readers of ELAINE73!

This promotion is NOT for other customers - and is only available if you mention my name at any outlet when you book an appointment!
Details will be announced in September but do feel free to drop me a note here to let me know what treatments you are interested in!
Better than Groupon or what?!

And if you cant wait, KIRA is having a Grand Opening of their 1st Retail Concept Store in Asia this Sunday!
Be Amazed, Be Fantasizied, Be Pampered!

Date: 28th August 2011 Sunday
Venue: Thomson Plaza #01-56
Time: 2.00pm to 3.00pm

All customers at the event is entitled 50% discount off all treatments but once again, simply mention "ELAINE73" and you get AN ADDITIONAL 10% OFF!
How great is that!!!

So, see you this Sunday and in the meantime, take care everyone!
Back soon.

KIRA is available in 3 outlets across Singapore.

Kira Professional Salon
181, Orchard Road
#03-12 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Tel : 6333 8787 | Fax : 6333 8847

23, Serangoon Central
#04(R)-76 NEX
Singapore 556083
Tel : 6484 0131

301, Upper Thomson Road
#01-76 Thomson Plaza
Singapore 574408
Tel : 6458 4585

Kira Retail Concept Outlet
301, Upper Thomson Road
#01-56 Thomson Plaza
Singapore 574408
Tel : 6458 2006

Kira Beauty Bar
23, Serangoon Central
#01-K7 NEX
Singapore 556083

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