Cooking Day!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello everyone!
This is going to be a quick one coz I need to catch some sleep soon!

Yesterday was a rare occasion where I actually cooked something becoz I have always been paranoid about setting the kitchen on fire.
Im not much of a hands-on kind of person coz sometimes my arms become some sort like an octopus and I just end up messing things up.
And with no one around to laugh at me - Im pretty glad the food turned out alright! :)
But its such a simple dish I reckon a 3 year old might do much better with practice.

I also met up with my Lover that afternoon coz I was off to pick pictures for the wedding album!
Feeling Safari.

I love straw hats.. it reminds me of long lazy summers by the sea.

I have a big head.

Had Roll for snack.

Lover had another Roll! 

I love eating avacado rolls! 
So yummy!

And inbetween... 

Hahahha ... 
Im as addicted to the Iphone as ever, too!
Take care everyone - Flu medication making me drowsy as hell.

Going to be busy with Guo Da Li this weekend!
Back soon.

Tags Replied!
_lyne: Thanks babe! I have another special deal from Kira so check it out too! LOL!
I saw u included ur link, can I link u up too? 
Lin: Hahah yes I went to re-dye my regrowth! My black hair looks terrible haha... :P
Yes weather is very bad! Im also falling sick.. oh dear.
Do take care and drink more water ya!
June: Hi June! Its not bad... I was deciding between the pink and white! But I think the white looks 'cooler' hehehe... I got it from Funan centre.
Stella: Hi Dear! Thank u for ur support! I love using lens from FreshKon becoz its so comfortable!
Freshlook does awesome colours too! I usually use colours like Blue, Purple or Green.
With regards to lashes, I buy them from all places and use them depending on mood.
But there is a shop called 'Stella Lashes' (haha same name as u!) that stocks a dual layer eyelash (Item 8971) that I really love too. Their facebook is HERE. Hope this helps!!! :))
yllas: Yes!! Omg I can eat eat eat so much! Eat until come back sick lor.. Orbi me. :(
angel: Hehe! I would say that we are letting nature's take its course.. but there are plans to have babies although Im alittle worried of my baby being a Dragon baby becoz everything will be so competitive!
I cannot imagine trying to apply for schools! very very scary leh! Keke!

Ok off to bed everyone .... Good night!

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