Flower Picking Day

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hello dearest all!
Happy Monday to everyone ~

Yesterday we went trying out dresses for the wedding ...
No ... Not referring to my wedding gown -

My darling FlowerGirl is the one trying on dresses!

Little Shi-En is not from church (the rest are) but she is someone very dear to us.
Her mother is practically a daughter to Jungle Mummy so I actually saw this little one grow up ever since she was born.

Our first choice was a beige dress paired with a beige flower basket, adorned with a center flower with a glittery tulle skirt.
But the colour wasnt really perfect for church - it was too yellow.
(Looks off-white in pictures here.)

Finally we settled for a simple pretty white tafetta dress with a bow & some flowers at the side.

I loved the simplicity of the dress - very innocent and the colour complemented Shi En very well.


We went for coffee and Toastbox was near The Icing Room so the two babies went off to decorate a cake!
Can u see the two?

I loved how pink the shop is!

If you have not tried it before - its really quite fun!
For kids or kids-alike.

First u buy a 'clean' and naked cake.
We bought the smallest size!

You will be given a basic decoration kit.
Any additional decorations can be bought separately.

Here we go!

She is soooo having fun!

Squeeze icing.. put decoration..

Im a kaypoh only, haha!

Wow! Shi-en is doing well!

When she is finally done....

Congrats my dear!

Look Daddy Mummy!

Everyone is proud of little Shi-En!

I think its extremely heartwarming to know that parents will always love and support their children no matter what they do ..
They might not produce perfect or most beautiful results - but if they gave their all and tried their best , I believe their parents will be proud of what they have accomplished.


Off we went for dinner!
My favourite restaurant.

We always order this extremely shiok Hor Fun!

And we also had 3 kind egg plus yummy chut-chut!

Im a happy girl with food!

Last but not least, signing off my greedy Jungle Boy!

Take care everyone!
Back soon!


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