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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Hello everyone!
Hope ur weekend was great! I had a busy day collecting his suit, looking at mens shoes (he cant decide) and having a great homecooked meal at home.
Life's simple pleasures.

Some long overdue posts!
I feel so hungry again looking at the delicious food - Did I mention that I keep forgetting to go on a diet??

One previous Sunday, we did lunch at our small little favourite Italian restaurant.

They serve unpretentious great quality Italian food.

This hot fluffy bread is sooooo goddamn good I had to stop myself from finishing it!

My favourite starter - I've always had a soft spot for mozzarella cheese.
And when olive oil is drizzled lightly over the cheese, rocket leaves and juicy red tomatoes .. its heavenly! I can eat this everyday!

Our 2nd starter.
The rock melon was so sweet and it complements the salty parma ham perfectly!

A playful double-tiered skirt for a weekend outing.

Soon it was time for our main course.
He ordered a Vongole.

And I stuck to an old-time pasta recipe.. Carbonara!

It was a great meal on a lazy Sunday!

Trattoria Lafiandra al Museo (Singapore Art Museum)
Address: 71 Bras Basah Road, #01-02 Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
Tel: +65 6884 4035

We then had dinner with my mum.

I like scooping rice for everyone!
Coz I'll force everyone to eat more .. hehehe!

Here's what I wore that day.

Thank you ClubCouture!
It was a fun skirt to wear!

All readers here can simply quote ELAINE15 for a huge 15% discount when u check out!
Take care and happy shopping ~ !!

A small preview of my pre-wedding photoshoot!

These are the only ones I have at the moment!
I loveee how rustic it feels - Simple and uncomplicated.

Have a nice week ahead!
God bless.

Finally collecting our wedding invites tomorrow!
This is our personalised monogram - we even made an embossed stamp so that we could keep it as a memento even after the wedding is over.
We're putting it on the cards, menu, pictures etc.

So tomorrow got to tie ribbon, stamp envelope, and then write everything out - he's off to the Jungle so I got to do everything for him! Burning midnight oil.. reminds me of when I was mugging for my exams!

The next couple of weeks will be a crazy time but Im pretty much enjoying the ride!
Hope u guys wun get bored hearing me go on and go about it, thou!

God bless!
Back soon.


Yixuan: Wow! Thats nice!!! Which BS did u sign up with? Bluebay?
And if u dun mind, may I just check how much was it? My fren getting married soon so she wanted to know. :)
And u flew there for pre-wedding photoshoot?
Then got to fly back to collect gown for AD?
What abt ur photography n videography? And MUA? Ala-carte?

Dindin: Hahahhaah ooops!!! Why everyone tell me that she is a famous singer??
Hahahahaha she is just good friend G to me.
But yes.. her daughter is soooo pretty right!!! I love her so much! My princess. :)

Elaine- Etel: Yes!!!!!! I love him lor!! His songs n voice is damn POWER right!!!!!!!!

Geraldine: LOL, thank u dear for ur sincere comments!
I guess an education doesnt give u what life gives u. Which is, - Experience.

Yllas: Yes u are absolutely correct dear!!!
Thats why I take everything with a pinch of salt... :)

"Dance like no one is watching, Love like you have never been hurt, Sing like no one is listening and Live like its Heaven on earth."

Ok got to go pick my mum up from her gown-shopping today!
I have a vainpot mummy! :p

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