Food Tasting Day

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hello everyone~!!
The weekend's here again and maybe by the time u are reading this - Im already off for a short holiday with Jungle Boy.
Too many things going on at the same time, we need a breather!
He's off to the Jungle actually, so technically I'm going up to KL with him to spend the weekend and while he take the domestic flight, I fly back home.

Anyways! Here's some pictures to our food-tasting yesterday!
(Haha, why so late u ask? We postponed it twice due to work schedules)

A warm welcome to Food Tasting.....

Back to Food Tasting.. or rather, Cloth picking!
We were shown a row of tablecloth! LOL!
Got flower flower somemore!

We also had to chose from a variety of folded napkins.

And this is our proposed flowers for guests' tables.

And then we BEGIN!

Think Jungle Boy was asking... "Comments anyone?" 

Trying the wine that we are ordered for the dinner.
Jungle Boy has a friend that has a wine warehouse so we got to choose our own wines to use for the banquet.

I was exhausted! Been busy with some renovations at home.. 
Its killing me to sit there and look at people do up my room in a hot dusty environment.

Guess who came along too?

The second course.

The 3rd dish was strangely my favourite although it sounded alittle weird in the menu. :p

Wine tasting ..

Everyone trying the food earnestly.. 

Special Thanks to Amelie-Anne for my lovely Becky Dress!

It was a PERFECT dress to wear for a food-tasting coz it looks so delicious too! Keke!

And I have a little iphone addict... 

Who very much rather eat bread then the courses on the table.. LOL!

Red Grouper Steamed Teochew Style

Little Shi-En is excited seeing the fried kerepok!

Then lastly, Fried Rice.

Dessert was Or-Nee or also known as Yam Paste.

After the hearty 8 course meal, the Banquet Chef arrives with our Wedding Co-ordinator to take notes and make changes, if any.

Poor Chef! :p

It was pretty fun but also very very filling!
We ate and drank everything so we were pretty stuffed by the last few dishes!

Hope u enjoyed the pics!
We actually changed at least 60% of everything including dessert! Hahha we are a tough group to please!
But we just want everyone to enjoy the dinner on Oct 1st - so hopefully everything will turn out well that day.
Please take care and I'm off to KL to eat eat eat so see u soon!


Special Thanks once again to my dearest Amelie-Anne for my Becky Dress in Pink Berry Yogurt!
I fell in love with the colours at first sight and it even comes with an outer chiffon layer for u to don on different looks! Amazing!

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