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Friday, September 09, 2011

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was our hilarious jie mei (minus 1 at work..) meet-up where we discussed the Actual Day's schedule and also the most part of being a jie mei ... The Gatecrash!

Went shopping first with BFF !

So tak glam becoz she still wearing her black sock while trying shoe!

Then we went to the Isetan Private Sale!
Mad cute! Baby shoes for darling Godson!

Everything that small is crazy cute.

Gold shoes that matched my wedding invites!

Cannot resist taking picture...

People mountain people sea ~

The crowd was giving me a headache so I went to grab seats for dinner first!
We went to The Canteen.

Sister Charmaine!
With her salad ...

Two extremely hungry BFF waiting for their food...

Angry Bird BFF!

Finally .. !
The food is here and everyone is happy again!

Except ...

But it came soon!
Tak glam take 2.

Busy eating..

And we busy taking picture of ourselves..

Can u imagine two shopaholics went SHOPPING right after dinner while waiting for my Godsister to arrive???
In the midst of our serious discussion and came back with ...

And best part .. come back with shopping bags and must order DESSERT first before continuing the discussion!!!

Deep in conversation.

Cam-whore cam-whore cam-whore alert.

Once again THANK YOU my dearest, prettiest, loveliest Jie Meis for spending some time to meet and discuss plans for the Big Day!
I'll see u guys soon and til then .. Love ya all!

Thank you for being a part of the most important day in my life.


Tell u all a really funny thing ..
My mum called me yesterday to say she bought KIRA's vouchers from!

KIRA is having an awesome promotion HERE at!

(Or Click on Image to direct you to the promotion now!)

90% Off 4-in-1 Treats!
Moisturising Candles Body Massage + Ear Candling + Navel Candling + Japan SDX Collagen Facial (120mins) @ KIRA, Most Established Facial Care Company. 
Applicable For Even Existing Customers!
Only $35 instead of $349!

So do take a look if you wanna take some time out to pamper yourself!
(Offer still on-going)

Have fun! Let's all be pretty pretty da mei nu! :):):):)
I'll be back soon ~


Lin: Congrats Congrats I wish u well and may God bless u, blessed child of His! :)
May I link u up in my reads? :D

ping: Thank u dearie! Those are simple ones, the album is not done yet! Most probably 2 weeks before wedding day.. hehehe.
Thank u for ur support all these yrs! Very gam dong leh! :p

Yixuan: Thanks for ur email!!! And have a fun trip to taiwan and blessed wedding!!!!

Dindin: Thank u dear!!! Its from Hermes. :p

Huili: Thanks babe!!! We chose the colour & paper & ribbon on the invites from a range of designs and additionally we got the designer to do up the monogram for our initials. :)
My banquet will be held at the Ritz.

June: Thank u for ur well-wishes sweets! :)
I am using a Lumix GF3 in white. Hehehehe... I 'buang' my old lumix lx5..

Thanks all! Bye bye!! ~

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