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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is a holiday .. yay!
Off to a picnic tomorrow in the morning with some girlfriends, hope they will like my potato salad, heehee!
How fast time flies coz I remembered celebrating my Mummy's birthday but actually its been more than a week!

But before we met the Queen, we met a little Princess for dim sum.

We frequent Tung Lok at Chinese Swimming Club on weekends for brunch.

And who is playing Peek-a-Boo with us???

Now u see me, now you dun!

Boundless energy from our little darling P.

Hahaha! This pretty pose becoz her Daddy bribed her with a $2 note!
Kids these days are very smart!

And later in the evening we met up with family & friends.
Its my Mummy's 59th Birthday so we had a small dinner during the weekend.
Special Thanks to Amelie-Anne for their Sienna Jersey Dress in Cream!

Comes in 5 beautiful colours too!

The last time I was holding a wine bottle.. and now Im holding a brandy bottle!
Oh gosh, we're alcoholics ain't we! :p

We went to the East Coast Seafood centre - Red House Restaurant.

Started drinking even before the dinner started.

Birthday Girl dips into her Longevity Noodles.

Huat arh ... !

The dishes start arriving ...

National favourite dish ... Pepper Crab!

Not forgetting Pepper's cousin.. Chili Crab!

And a lovely chocolate cake from Cedele!
Thanks to my Godsister T!

Happy Birthday to u... Happy Birthday to u... 

Mummy very happy .. must be all the alcohol we had!

Happy Birthday dearest Mummy - I hope u had a fabulous time at the dinner and many many more to come!

Im off to watch TV (what else?) and then to choose something comfortable to wear to East Coast Park tomorrow! Its been some time since I last went on a picnic and I remember very vividly having them in London's Hyde Park - or at the beach of a Greek Island.
Those are some fabulous memories that I will keep with me forever.

Take care everyone! Update more on Facebook so see u there!
Happy Deepavali again peeps ! xoxoxo

Thank you once again to the lovely Amelie-Anne!
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Hope to see u in a Sienna, too!
Bye all! Have a great week!

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