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Friday, October 21, 2011

A wise man once told me,"Food taste best with company" and I couldnt agree more.
Last weekend we had a small intimate homecooked meal with some friends at their place and it was extremely fun and entertaining.
We talked, drank some bubbly and watched reality TV.

Special Thanks to the lovely Melrose Medley for their Out-of-the-Box Boat Neck Dress!
Its so unique and perfect for a dinner party!

Hahaha... thats me and my white wine to the party.

But wine is not enough.. so we went off to buy some really goooood sashimi at our favourite haunt!

Everything is so FRESH!

Chef at work!

In love with yummy seafood.

And I miss JAPAN! Boo hoo~

Off we go!

Arrived and lets START preparing the food .. !!

Tuna with Cheese on Crackers!
We were joking that we could have just gotten J to go to my wedding to provide these as hor' dourves! 

Its easy and perfect for a picnic too! 

J in the kitchen.. cooking his famous MUSSELS in wine!!!

View from the dining table.

What a LOVELY feast!

 We have no ice bucket ... but a pot will make do! LOL!

 Cheers ~ !!!

Sharing a joke.

 Pretty G .. Time flies! I knew her and her parents when she was in secondary school and now she is in RI and we are so proud of her.

And cheers to an everlasting FRIENDSHIP!

"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down."

Have a lovely start to the weekend everyone!
I will start replying tags too! Thank u for the well-wishes previously on the Wedding :)
It was very kind of everyone who dropped by to congratulate me. 
So, have a great weekend! We have a BBQ tomorrow at a friend's place so I do hope for sunny skies and great weather! Goodbye all take care!

Thanks once again to Melrose Medley for their easy-to-wear Navy Blue Dress!
All readers here can quote 'ELAINE73' for a great 10% off ALL items (Including SALE ITEMS!) 
They have a new collection up so do take a look right away!

Tags Replied!
Jolene: Hello dearie! I hope u are doing fine.. I just saw ur FB :(
Hugz and pls pls send my love and strength to Cyn mummy & little Jase. And also u must be strong for them. I just lost a dear friend too, so I understand the pain of losing someone. Keeping u in my prayers.
Ros: Thank u my dear! And yes u have been a longtime reader here I know! hehehe thank u once again!
ping: Thanks sweets hope u enjoyed the Wedding posts!
Yllas: Thank u for supporting my FB dear! 
Stella: Hope u like my rec! Heheh let me noe if u like the lashes too ! hahah
Yllas; Thank u dear again! I was pretty sick on my wedding actually but managed to pull through.. despite a cough n red eyes!
stella: Thank u dear!
nalgene: Congrats to u babe!!! Hope u had fun at ur wedding too ahahaha its such a popular date hor!!! :)
Annie: Hi dear have u taken a look at my Hair & Makeup post? I use a Panasonic curler to lightly curl the ends of my hair inwards. :)
yixuan: Thanks dear and hope ur wedding went well too! R u off to honeymoon already?? :)
shaniez: Hi dear I use a paid Flickr account :D 
jasmine: Hahaha my cooking is terrible! LOL! But i do hope u enjoyed some of the wedding posts! More to come on Actual day!
Reader: Thanks dearie! Wow how did u find the link again heheh! Good luck for ur interview and do not feel shy to drop me an email if u have any questions! I will try my best to help u! For sure! :D
Jazzblue: Yes! That time stressed + sick + on medicine so abit breakout. Thankfully all gone before my wedding! Heng ar! :p
missy: Thank u dear! hope u enjoyed the pics!!!
moomoocow: Thanks babe! Hope u enjoy the wedding posts! more to come too! :D
midori: Thank u sweets! 
Etel: Thank u dear E!
Lin: Thanks babe! When ur turn ho ho ho~! :p
Ivy: Thanks dear Ivy!!
keira: Yes its been a long time and finally happening ahha :p
Alice: Thank u so much dear!
Elyn: Thanks babe!! Yes I love my gown too! ahah *not shy*
K: LOL! So sweet of u dear! Hope u enjoyed the wedding posts!!
mochaccinoland: Thank u dear!!!! 
Dindin: Hahah yes very happy and TIRED on that day!!!! :p
sharon: Thank u my sweets!!!
yllas: Xie xie ni wor!!!! 
Rose: Hahaha yes its been so long! Thank u for ur support all these while babe!!!
Miffygal: Thank ui my dear! Wow u have been supporting me for sometime too right! I find ur nick familiar! From FP? Or CC? :D
missy-silver: Thanks dear! Hope u enjoyed ur HCM holiday too!!! xoxo
twinkle: Thanks my sweets!!! Been awhile!! Hahhaha finally the wedding is over n i can relax!!! :D
jasmine: Hope u enjoyed the wedding posts n more to come ok!!!
amber: Thank u sweetheart!!!! xie xie ni!!!
teapot_princess: Thanks my dear!!!! My wedding was held in Ritz and yes the gown looked great on the red carpet! Colour contrast I think ehheheeh!
JennyW: Thanks dear!!!! Yes yes I will jia you de!!! :p
Fufu: thank u dear! I had a lovely MUA! He did a great job! :D
June: Hope u enjoyed the wedding posts dear!!!
ros: Ritz dear! :D
evilin32: No leh! boo hoo no honeymoon until he can get away from work :( hehehe so i everyday relac one corner first :)
angie: Thank u dear!!! Hope u liked the wedding posts!
mochaccinoland: hahha yes my stylist say the same thing! my hair grows rather quickly but still not quick enough when i wan it to, or slow enough to not dye my hair so often! Haiz! :p
Jolene: Hahaha great seeing u that day at Haji lane thats why! n u also can get ur hubby to take pics for u leh! heheheh :p
Jessica: Erm ahahahahaha actually our story very suaku.. not romantic at all! :p but I will try! 
p/s He uses a Leica M9  for the pics in Haji Lane. :) (my wedding gift to him!!hahaa!buy him present but ask him take picture of me :p)
veronica: Oopps we walked to the places!! :( I dun have the address except for the restaurant coz thats famous n most taxi drivers knoe where it is but kopitiam I dunno leh.. its walking distance from our hotel though... :) we stayed at the Westin. Location not bad!!! :)
jane: My stylist is my BFF Wendy Lau at Hougang Twister Mall. :)
xue: Yes I curl my hair almost daily although I do style it straight on days when I am lazy ehhehe. My natural hair is very thick n straight, no perm no rebond.
Joy: I dun think so.. i think nearest country is HGK for cdp to be cheap. :)
-lyne: ooooooh CONGRATS dear! Hows ur planning coming along! Faster go book hotel!!!
missykimchi: Thanks my dear!! heheh I try to do a proposal post although i abit paiseh leh.... thats why so long nv do :(
Phoeb: Thank u sweetheart! Its diff lor! Some ppl prefer the wedding gown n some, the evening! Very weird lor ahahah!
Lin: Thanks my dear!!!! I try to post more ok!!!!!! :p

Phew .. ! All replied I hope!
Pls tag again if I have missed u out .. Sorry!
Sending my love to everyone! Its going to be a GREAT day for u I hope!!!
*sunshine/l o v e/ butterflies*

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