Our Lil' KL Trip

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello everyone ~ !! ♥♥
Wow... Im feeling so stress-free suddenly - its been one hell of a journey with the planning of the wedding.
And u cant imagine the influx of daily emails during that period.
I hope I dun miss anyone out! Do kindly email me again if I have not replied by today!
I sat down with a cuppa coffee this afternoon and replied everyone, I hope! :D

Here's our little KL trip.
The one we jetted off just before the wedding to get away from all the madness.

Bye bye Singapore! Hello KL!

Too bright & early for me.


On the way to the city.

I can see the Twin Towers in a distance!


Simple and cosy for the night.

View from the room.

Hahhaha... Ok.. these are his Jungle boots!
(He flew to the jungle while I went back to Singapore the day after.)
And my comfy slippers!

Changed into shorts before going out for FOOD!

Out on the Streets of KL.

Bak Ku Teh here we come!


Saw a PINK car!!! So nice!!!

I love this cottage feel!

Too tired and we needed a coffee break!

After all the walking, picture-taking and shopping - we went for dinner.

Giant SATAY stick!
But not nice... Satay club one does it so much better.
And lastly... a Pina Colada to end the lovely night.

Day 2: Tied my hair coz KL was crazily hot!

Jungle Boy brought me to this quaint little kopitiam ..
And the food was so so so FABULOUS!

My favourite wanton mee.
With black sauce.


Fried noodles that were really good!
But very oily hehhehe.
Im feeling hungry now

Shopping centre again!
(But nv buy anything)

Mine City!

We, being the gluttons we are - cannot resist A&W!
Its such a waste they are not in Singapore anymore - It still has the bestest bestest Rootbeer Float.
Ahhh.. Memories of school.

Happy dao ~

Cotton candy colours

Went Central Market for a walk.

Nothing much there so we headed for DINNER!
Real good food and we had to book the delicious Char Siew 2 days in advance!

We ta-baoed 2 boxes back!
Its soooo goood!

And this... Claypot pork in Black sauce.
Im still in awe of this simple dish.
Taste heavenly with plain ol steamed rice!

And that was our short trip to KL.
We wanted to relax and not think about the wedding then.

How fast time flies!
Its been slightly more than a week but it still feels like I got married yesterday.
New journey from now on.

Have a great week ahead, guys!

2 posts in a day! :D
To make up for going on 'leave' last week.

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