Another Birthday Celebration

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Hello Hello!
I hope you guys enjoyed the Kitty post - Im looking at the pictures once again and LOL-ing at the funny/weird/tak glam pictures!
But it was fun and Im glad I had a Hello Kitty party for myself - at least, once this lifetime. 

Yesterday was another birthday celebration!
But alot more subdued, hehe.

We had a quiet family dinner for my mother-in-law birthday.

Special Thanks to Dearest The Cherry Tree for their Lace Tank Dress!
It feel so sophisticated and all I needed to do was to match it with a pair of heels and off to go for dinner!

The fishes were so HUGE! 

I love hairy crabs!
Although I usually have 1 only and thats more than enough for me.

Happy Birthday Mum!
Wishing you health and happiness ~

Violet cupcakes!
Im glad the family loved it.
Now Im planning one for Jungle Daddy's birthday next week!

I ate one last night and another one this morning!
OMG sugar overload now keke.

Christmas tree at Chijimes.
Thank you everyone for dropping by!
Wishing u a great start of the week ~
Tags to be replied later - need to go for lunch with Jungle Boy before he go jungle for work this week!

(Trying to look like a Hairy Crab - fail max)

Special Thanks again to The Cherry Tree!
The lace details are amazing and you get a belt with the dress although I also like to wear it without, as a shift dress! Its so pretty and I can see myself wearing it to a hi-tea session with the girls!

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