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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Helloooo everyone! 
(2 posts in 1 today...!Read on!!)
Omg... I have been sooooo busy these days but I guess everyone else too!

Yesterday I met up with my lovely 38 sisters for a short lunchie before heading to a great discussion at LoveMi Shop with owner Ber and two lovely new friends who might be a food sponsor for my MakeUp Tea Party
*Fingers crossed that everything will turn out great!*

Have you signed up yet? :)
If everything goes well we will even do afew more classes! Yay! :D

Back to lunch... here's me and sister Viv.

Sister Cel's lychee tea looks sooooo good!

My good girlfriendsssss!!!!

We having a small Christmas Gift Exchange!

Having lunch first..
Coz we *ahem, I* was starving!

My Chicken and Mushroom Rice.

We kept some space for DESSERT!!!!

Sister Cel's presents for us!!!
(Sister Viv in toilet LOL!)

My carefully wrapped present for them!!!!!
Did alot of 'practise' this Christmas season hehehe.

All our lovely pressies!!!!

And the exchange begins!!!!

So sweet ~
Cel's handwritten note... 

Hope the both of you like the lil pressie that I gave u!!!
And Viv... dun worry about buying the wrong card-that-turned-out-to-be-an-ang-pow instead! LOL!
Thats so classic ~ I still wan to laugh looking at the ang pow !!!!! Hahahha next year u remember to open  the 'card' and check if it is a card first okieeee !!! Wahahahhahaha :p

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!!
Drink lotsa water and have another great long weekend peeps!


Jungle Daddy Birthday at Swa Tow Restaurant 13th Dec

Earlier in the month we had a small lunch celebration with the family and the company at Toa Payoh most famous restaurant - Swa Tow.

Do not belittle this humble place - they are so famous for their dim sum buffet lunch that snakes of people queue up everyday!!! Yes! Even on a rainy weekday afternoon there are so many people with elderly and children waiting patiently for a table! Amazing !!!!

The theme was GOLD! 
Show u my fabulous skirt later from Butterfly Lodge!
I love it sooo much ~ !!!

We ordered the set meal.

Company colleagues and friends.

Hehehee I was busy playing my Bakery Story!!!
(My ID is sugarsweet7733 so add me if u play it too!!!! LOL!!!)

The last dish was the dessert Orh-Ni but I had specially bought a cake for Jungle Daddy!
Everyone was so excited to see the cake! :p

Taking it out carefully ~

Happy Birthday Jungle Daddy!
Here's a cute Monkey for u!
(His chinese birth zodiac)

He was very amused by the monkey wearing specs! (Like him, LOL!)

But yeah!
He loved it so much!!! :p

Cutting it carefully coz he found it very cute too!!!

Happy Birthday once again my dear father-in-law!
You are a great dad and wonderful role model for us and I could only wish that my husband never ever stop learning from you.

(Your Jungle Daughter-in-law, wahaha!)

Special Thanks once again to the wonderful Butterfly Lodge for their lovely GOLD GLITTER SKIRT $25!

I wore it with a simple black toga top coz I wanted the GOLD skirt to be the centre of attention!
The skirt packed enough punch to let people take a second look at it - yet it was not too in your face which was typical of the colour.
Can u see the gentle shimmers of the skirt? Love it!

There will be an additional $1.50 off per item for readers who quote Elaine73, so do hurry! 

This discount could also be used on top of their current promotion (Everyone will get $1.00 off when you click “Like” and “Share” on Butterfly Lodge Facebook -HERE!- Collection 2 album!)

And you also can enjoy free normal postage when they sign up our mailing list.
For mailing listees, any purchase of 3 or more items will be entitled to free Smartpac.

Here's another look at it! 

Their latest collection : Festive Season is now here!
Launched recently I saw dresses that could take you from work to parties so do take a look!
I fell in love with their Sequin Party Tunic and Lace Crochet Frock so check it out, babes!

Take care dear all~ Love!

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