Fishing in Bali

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hello everyone!
Hope u all had a great weekend? :)

Its Monday again ... I usually go for yoga today but I have an appt with some of my favourite friends later on to discuss something for the readers here so Im pretty excited!
Hopefully everything will work out great!

Back to Bali Day 2!
Woke up bright and early for a light breakfast before we head our for FISHING!

I loveeee yogurt.
I can eat it everyday although my favourite is the natural, unflavoured ones.
Add some fruit, some muesli and its a great snack that keeps u full throughout the day.

Special Thanks once again to The CherryTreeBirds for their Summer Tube Dress in Chirpy Yellow $30/-!
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We booked the fishing trip from the hotel - so the tour guide cum fisherman came to pick us up from the lobby and drove us to the beach.
It was soooo nice! The weather was great and the sea was rather calm.

I go out sea-fishing with the hubs pretty often coz he's such an avid fisherman.
I think all he wants to do is to retire early and fish all day long.

Our chartered fishing boat.

Okie... we are heading to the deep waters now!

Helping us with the rods.

He very happy to go fishing!

He caught a Mackerel within minutes!

Im soooo tanned!
Omg.... ahahha just alittle while in the sun and I turn charcoal.

Then we saw DOLPHINS!!!!!!!

Many many of them!!!!

I love ribbons, rainbows and pixies...
And I also love dolphins and unicorns!!!
(Although I have never seen a unicorn in real life.. but I believe in them!!! Hahhaha!)

Without any worries and all having a ball of time!!!

Ok back to fishing.
(Look at my tortured face)

I caught one baby groupa okie!!!

Abit scary but here are some fish that we caught.

We caught somemore (not shown in pics) but after acouple of hours we decided to head back to the hotel.
We kept around 4 fishes and gave the rest to the captain and crew to keep.

Here's to a great fishing trip!
(More for him... ahhaha Im just along for the ride to see dolphins!)

 Bye bye beach!

Going back to Villa 56...

And the first thing we did was to jump into the pool!!!!
Hahhaha it was blazing hot the whole day and this is the fastest way to cool down!

 We passed the fish to Room Service to BBQ!
Finally the food is here... YIPEE!
All so fresh and DIRECT OUT FROM THE SEA!!!!!!


Look at the spread!
We were starving ~!!!

Thank you everyone once again for dropping by!
Hope everyone enjoyed the pics :)

It was such a magical time in Bali for us.
Being away from the crowd and basically just spending some time talking rubbish and eating our catch from the sea. It was wonderful bonding time after all the huge, cosmopolitan cities that we have been going to recently.

Resorts are a great way to re-energize, re-new and go back to smelling fresh air and rolling in the sand.
Take care all!
Back soon.


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