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Friday, December 09, 2011

Good morning everyone!
Its a lovely Friday - bright and sunny today.
Although I do hope for some rain occasionally (respite from the heat), the sun never fails to perk me up!
Esp when the weekend is coming!
Yay! Dun we all love weekends?

Last weekend we went for a short break to Bali!
(Want to show u my Angry Bird soft toy from Changi Airport!)

So cute laaaa ~

On the way to the gate.

Hello Bali!
Im dying to sleep coz we got home so late the night before and this was a super duper early morning flight so I was soooo sleepy!

On the way to the hotel.

Here we are!
At the Bvlgari Resort Bali.

Going to our villa yippee!

Passing by villas.

Our Room Key.

The outdoor living room and sundeck with private pool area.

But Im not so interested in the villa ....
LOL - Room service to the rescue please.

But first ...
Some bubbly to kickstart my holiday!

The food soon arrived!
Yay! All local delicacies coz I do love Indonesian food a hell lot!!!

My Mee Goreng omg drool with black sauce and chili padi xxxx

I love Gado-Gado so much too!
All vegetables but not so healthy due to the generous portion of peanut aka satay sauce wahahahha!

Had a swim and before we knew it - the sky turned purple and it was time to venture out to the city.

Took a cab to Kuta area.
A touristy place - very crowded, full of shopping and fast-food restaurants.
Its vibrant but a tad too noisy for my liking.
And the touts! They drive me crazy.

Special Thanks to SashPetals for their Chance Pinafore Dress in Coral!
Inspired by the Pinafore School Uniform, this dress brought back so many memories of when I was a schoolgirl! Hahahah yes... I was a convent girl.

I am so loving the Balinese styled houses and shops.

Off to find some FOOD!

 Found some authetic Indonesian food! (again! LOL!)

We sat at level 2.

Yummy Nasi Goreng and Satay!

Dun disturb me!!! Busy eating ~ ROAR!

After the meal we went to take a walk before heading back to the resort.

And we bargained real hard to take a horse ride!

Took the short horse ride to eat GELATO!
Soooo many flavours to choose from ~

Thanks for tuning in, guys!
Its raining so heavily outside now - and so different from the sunny skies when I started the post.

Have a FABULOUS weekend everyone!
The holidays are coming soon so I think everyone will be busy shopping for clothes and presents!

I went to Orchard yesterday and was in awe of the Christmas decorations this year - although I couldnt say the same about the shopping.
In the end I went home empty-handed.

I reckon I might just start shopping ONLINE strictly from now onwards!
I can't deal with the ERP, parking and crowd in town anymore.
(Parking cost me $13.80 yesterday ... OUCH!)

So have fun shopping (in shops or online, for that matter!) and take care everyone!
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Came back to a small brownie from the resort coz they found out that it was my birthday!
So sweet of them! :DDDDD

Special Thanks once again to SashPetals for their Chance Pinafore Dress $27!
It comes in 3 lovely colours and mine is Coral! (Colour true in pic)

All readers here can get FREE REGISTERED MAIL for purchases above $50/- !!!
Simply select free normal mail but quote 'Elaine73' after checkout and you get registered mail instead!
Not only will you get free mail - all purchases come with FREE YOGOOD MUESLI BAR!
They are healthy and great for a snack anywhere!

Happy Shopping okieeee!

SashPetals has a new self-manufactured launch TODAY!
The Eloy Tie-My-Top $26/- is sooooo nice - Im loving all the colours!!!!
Dun they look great for a nice day out with your loved ones?
Maybe have a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant and then finishing off with a cocktail at a nice chill out bar!

Take care xoxoxo!


Florence: Hello dear! I hope u enjoyed my new posts! Been busy recently so I kinda forgot about my other wedding posts ahahaha so paiseh! :P
Yllas: Yessss No No was very kind to talk to me and even take a pic although he was rushing off. Heard he getting married soon? Hahhaha happy for him too ahahha!
Connie: R u referring to my extra large black Chanel? :) Its called Maxi ... quite hard to find this size - it is a size bigger than the Jumbo. I love it coz can put many many things inside ahahhahah!
ping: Oooooh the small raspberry colour Chanel??? I dunno wat size but its very very cute so I bought it!!! Sometimes I hide the chains inside the bag and use it as a small clutch. Very nice pop of colour! Esp against an all black outfit! :D
funky_bee: hi dear how are u! ahahha Yes la very heavy coz the chains soooo heavy! Thats why I bought two bags to taiwan ahahhaha!
Mochaccinoland: Hahhahah yes DIABETIC is the word!!!! But I really love PINK!!!!!!!! I look at anything pink and I can smile one leh. WEIRDO right???????? Even when i see my own blog pink pink i very very happy ahahhahaha so silly right!
aris: I ordered the cake and brought 3 home!!!!!!!! The crew on the plane referred the cake as hello kitty ahahahhha! They went," Oh is this the hello kitty that u need to put in the fridge???" 
Ally: I got my blouse from Arab Street! Hahhaa I anyhow walk and saw it in a shop! But I dunno which shop leh... :( 
_lyne: Thats great for u! Lighted Pixels are simply FABULOUS - my frends got them for wedding too and the pics turned put great! I linked u up so hope to see ur weddings posts soon dear!!!!!!!!!!!
Jenny: Hahhahahahha u have sharp eyes although i tried to hide it.. :p 
Its called Gold in size 35. GHW (Gold hardware)
flower: Hehehehe ok i try to post makeup soon.. Esp when I have a new set of brushes from CHARM! 
Mocchaccinoland: Thank u so much dear!!!
haircolor: Wahaha u are very sharp! yes!!!! I dyed my hair a Medium ASH and it is very very nice!!!!!! 
Rachel aka reader: Thank u my sweets!!!!!
Lin: Thanks dear!!!!! I linked u up and congrats on the ring it looks sooo nice! Pls post abt wedding soon!
Miffy: Thank u dear! And to u too!!! Love n joy ok?? To all of us! :D
Miffygal: Hope u like Part 1 of Bali!!!!! More to come!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yllas: Thank u my dearest!!!!!!!!!
angie: Ya lor!!!!! I really like this font but abit hard to read!!!!!!!! :( Tahan for awhile k... next time i try to change other font :)))))
_lyne: I didnt go for Dolphin tour but we saw hundreds n hundreds of dolphins when we went fishing! Next post!!!!! Stay tuned!!!
Smoker-who-wants-to-quit: Congrats on thinking of quitting dear! Its the first step to success! I wasnt a real heavy smoker but I did smoke since school (hahah convent girls all very naughty!) I could either chain smoke (while drinking) or I could go for days without. But after the govt implemented no indoor smoking I got very frustrated trying to find an area to smoke.. and of coz I got older and started worrying about my health. (Young that time more reckless ahhah) But most of all I really need to thank God for giving me strength. I wanted to quit and I told myself its MIND OVER MATTER and that i can do it! So one day I just stopped, went cold turkey and never looked back since. :)
Little pinkie: LOL! Omg u are very sharp leh! yes... its my birthday present from Jungle Boy this year - so Im not too sure how much it is. Mine is Crazy Hour and my strap is red croco although we ordered another pink croco strap!!!! hahhahah! Next month then come. :)))) Very excited coz I really wan to wear a pink watch leh!!!!!!!!!
curious: Hi dearie!!! Thank u thank u wor! All my pictures are taken by Jungle Boy mostly (unless Im out with girlfriends then we using self-take ahahhahah) and he uses a Leica M9 Noctilux lens or his Nikon DSLR called the D3S. :))) But Im using a Canon GF3 myself and its quite fun and easy to carry around.
mochaccinoland: Thank u dear and yes!! I eat 1 hairy carb and I faint already~ very full!!!!! My fren can eat 5 at one time and he is from Hongkong so thats no wonder ahhahhahahahha!
amber: Thank u dear! It was a FUN KITTY PARTY! ahahhahha! (although more suitable for 5 yr olds.... not 29 yr old lao char bor trying to act cute!!!!!!!)
Florence: Thank u darling!!!!!! U are too sweet!
hello kitty: LOVE UR NICK wahahhha! Ok I recommend u to read this and Im not kidding. Its a damn funny and accurate book (but of coz take everything with a pinch of salt) and I bought it a long time ago when I was single. It really woke me up and I felt empowered to do things - MY way.
:) I hope it helps u and i hope to hear from u soon ok sweetie! Whatever it is ... you must always believe in urself!!!!! Jia you! :DDDD

Ok finally! All answered and have a great day, guys!
Rain stop le :)

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