A Post Before Christmas

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hello everyone!
Its a rather crazy time this week - with  Christmas shopping and last-minute wrapping of presents and juggling parties, appointments and our very own small Christmas BBQ at home.
I hope the weather will be great thats all!

Im dreaming of another holiday but I guess that will only be next year! LOL.
So here's the rest of Day 2 in magical Bali.

We had dinner reservations in the Italian resturant at our resort after our fishing trip.
Being alittle early, we decided to go to the bar and watch sunset before heading to dinner.

The lovely view from the bar.

I have to order Pina-Colada ~
Its my favorite drink!!! :D

Purple skies.

The sky turning into a burnt orange with hues of blue... 
So nice!

They were giving out complimentary canapes from time to time :)

Soon it was time for dinner!

Looking at the menu intensely hehee.

"I would like this.. and that.... and that!"

Opened a bottle of wine to celebrate the great fishing trip that we had earlier in the day.
(Just an excuse to drink, haha!)

Tasting the Chianti.


Our Amuse Bouche.


My soup!
It came in a small pot and I have to pour the soup into the bowl, hehee so cute.

Our pasta.

His steak.

My lamb chop -  It was delicious!

I was literally bursting from the seams but I had to squeeze some dessert in to satisfy my sweet tooth!

Thank you all for dropping by - hopefully you have a great Christmas and an even better year ahead.
Please take care of yourself, drink lotsa water and have a jolly good time during the holidays!
God bless ~


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Bye bye! Back soon. 

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