Amanda's Year End Wedding Celebration

Sunday, January 01, 2012

As we usher in the lovely new year - here's a quick update on my secondary classmate Amanda's wonderful wedding on 30th Dec 2011!
Here's my bestest mostest irritatingest buddy with me at the venue.

Her girlfriend look like Hebe, right????

Classmate Khimmy who also came to my wedding dinner!
She had the measuring spoon wedding favour, lol.

My wedding favour was a wonderful crystal wine stopper!
I really like it alot coz I drink wine from time to time!!! :)

Our HongKong classmate Mandy who flew in for the wedding and to spend the New Year here!
I wan to go HK HK HK too!!!!

The impressive menu!
We had such great food! Lobster, Sharksfin, Abalone and even a whole duck for each table!

My another classmate Liqin who is a lovely (and slim!) expecting mum-to-be!
She came for my wedding too and now she is preggy! 
We are soooo happy for her! :D

The first march-in for the wedding couple!
I miss my march-in too! It was a magical, magical time and every bride would tell you the same thing.

I loved Amanda's mermaid MTM gown!
It suits her so well coz she is pretty tall and slender so this cutting is extremely flattering on her. :)

The cold dish.


Wahahahah camwhoring begins coz  the lights are so much brighter now!
(I had to edit the previous pics coz my camera suck in dim lighting)

Wonderful classmates from St. Anthony's!
We had sooooo much fun and such amazing memories ~ some 16 years ago.

The four classmates reunite!

The dishes continued.

Buddy came over to kpo and camwhore hahahah.

Gatecrashing video before the 2nd march-in!
It was hilarious!

Champagne toasting.

And we take picture! Take picture!!! Yummm seng!!!

Resuming the dinner.

Hi Serena! Another classmate of ours! :D

And the highlight of the evening was this really DELICIOUS chocolate lava cake!!!
It was totally to-die-for!!! I has pretty full from the dinner but I had to finish this coz it was soooo nice!

Some more pictures with classmate Serena after the wedding.

On a serious note, it was extremely shocking to to see some guests misbehave and disgracing themselves no matter how well they were dressed that night.
To be guests of a wedding - I dun think there should be any excuse for demanding not to be seated with fellow guests who happen to be parents with children just simply because the FOUR of you ladies deem it to be 'squeezy'.
And by refusing to take a seat elsewhere separately and to arrogantly request the jie-meis to put all of you together when infact the whole parody was created by you troublemakers yourselves.
We were all in disbelief, shame on you.

But kudos to the ever-quick thinking jiemeis and schoolmates of mine who averted a disaster by quietly exchanging their own seats to prevent a drama.
The bride is most fortunate to have you girls as true friends.

And once again, every bride will say the same thing - it is only after a wedding where you can see who your true friends are.
Im thankful I have a group of closest and dearest friends throughout my own wedding, too.

Dearest Amanda and Jon, I wish you both happiness and bliss in your newly joined life together as one.
May the Almighty God bestow all His love to the both of you forever!

What a great way to end my 2011, too ~!!!
With a wedding, love and many old friends :)

Lotsa love and pixiedust to everyone of you in the new year ....

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