Explosive A*Mei Concert

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello everyone!
Today Im staying in to post and when Im done - Im going to start SPRINGCLEANING my room!
I did my bathroom already so now Im moving over to start on the cabinets.
My mantra is ... if I haven touched/used/remembered it in the whole year , into the bin it GOES!

But first ...  last week we all trooped down to the indoor stadium for A*Mei!!!
Were u there too?? :)

Jungle Boy and I had a quick dinner at the nearby LeisurePark and it was crowded with concert-goers!!!
Luckily we reserved seats much earlier or we might be late for the concert.

Very excited to see A*mei!!!
Love her songs sooo much ~
I remember being in secondary school and we would have her 'concert' in ktvs...brings back so many good memories!

Yay! A*Mei Im coming ~~~!!!

Oooooh my hasima dessert first - sooth the throat before I go there and scream my lungs out LOL.

Going into the concert.

We all wore PINK!!!!!
Which was a great choice coz A*mei favourite colour is pink I think since she wore at least 3 pink costumes that night!!!!!

Alice got to show me all her pink/hellokitty/act cute stuff ahahahhaah.

It was PACKED!

Concert starting soon but I wan to take picture with Hello Kitty first!

A*Mei is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tribal style but so nice!!!

My Lover is here with me too!!
And in pink ahhahaahha!
Thanks to her - we were seated at Row 3 and it was a great view!!!! 

We were the only crazy ones infront coz everyone else was so serious. 
Hahhahaa but it was a great thing coz there was one portion of the concert where we decided to stand up and A*Mei BLEW KISSES TO US COZ WE WERE ALL IN PINK AND STANDING UP!!!!!!
(Everyone just remained seated ... can u imagine?????)

Best part of the concert - Her 40 min romantic song medley becoz it was all of our (and everyone's too) favourite songs!!!!!!! 

We LOVE her songs!!!!!
A*Mei Wo Ai Ni ~~!

SY act emo lor.

A*Mei likes pink too!

The crowd only went crazy when A*Mei decided to come down and shake hands!!!!! 
And we were right infront but the crowd kept pushing and Lover nearly fell down but A*Mei helped her up!!!!!!!!!
Really!!!! We all laughed like mad after that becoz Lover said she can feel A*Mei hands "sticky sticky wet wet de~" waahhahahha!

Jungle Boy refused to go infront so he took all these pics... hahaha~

Towards the end ... alot of confetti!!!

Thank you A*Mei!
It was really an AMEIZING concert!!!

We had soooo much fun!!!!!!

Thank you my crazy friends becoz it was really alot of fun and laughter during the concert!
Take care everyone ~
I'll go springclean and be back really soon!
CNY is coming and Im excited!
Eat eat eat and catch up with family and friends this happy holiday season!


On another hand, have you ordered your new year goodies yet?
My family and I are having some homemade kueh lapis this year!

Its homemade and not as sweet or oily as the ones in bakeries so we love it!
Gave some to relatives and friends and it was very well-received.
Comes clingwrapped for freshness and hygienic purposes. 

Been eaten as soon as possible - Or, you can cut it into smaller portions separately and refrigerate the rest!
Take out only what you will eat so that the kueh lapis is as fresh as possible. :)
Able to last about 2 weeks but trust me, ours was gone in acouple of days!!!
Mine's with Prunes (as shown in pics) but there is the Original (Without prune) flavour too.

If you are interested to get some to try for the Chinese New Year - Please email moreentan@yahoo.com.sg or call/sms Moreen at 90289131 to find out more!
Prices for the festive season is : 
Original is $32 
Prune is $37. 

Have a blessed blessed day!
Tags to be replied!

Yllas: I also wan to go Bali again! LOL! And I heard Nono getting married???
jennyW: Hahahha enjoy the planning it was so much fun for me! Omg if only i can have another HK party .... 
MissySilver: When r u going bali? Hmmm actually depends on what u wan to do.. we actually went fishing coz jungle boy is a huge fishing fan but other then that it was a very relaxing trip. We went some temples n sightseeing the next day in Bali but actually it was so-so only althought it was quite fun. I will post it in the next few posts so that u can see where we went before planning ur holiday :)
FannyQ: Thank u dear!!!! Dun be mistaken lor.. do u know jungle boy took at least 50 pictures before he got 2-3 nicer ones. 
Miffygal: Its the Makeup Demo class dear! :) Wanted to do something for fun which I love (makeup, clothes and cakes!!!!!) 
jasmine: Yes yes!!! Esp when we hv been going to big cities in the past few holidays so this resort was a lovely getaway to do absolutely nothing. hehehhe.
angie: It was ard USD 500 for half day charter... but no need to bring anything becoz everything provided. Even fishing rod, bait, boat, food and drinks. :)
Lin: Yes! Must plan in advance... dun be like us.. relax until last min all kalang kabut lor.
Share with me ur plans k! Love weddings!!!
_lyne: LOL Another bride-to-be!!! Yes internet is sooo good now..cannot imagine in the past... how did ppl do their homework???? Imagine I read internet until I o_0 lor....
maddy: no wor dear!!! sorry I nv go before!!!! But I rec u going bali can???? whahahhhahha :P
missysilver: Merry Xmas pretty mummy!!! Happy CNY to u too!!
f: Yes... we are both the only child :)
Summeradeline: They cannot do it? Why they cannot do it? They are professional n they cannot do it?? :(
I tong my hair everyday lor... hehehe ya will get drying but must really do protein mask.. etc. 
N if dun need to blow hair, then just let it dry naturally.. if not very drying... but then practise makes perfect so jia you ok! I use Panasonic Ionity tong.. very good!
valerie: I booked them thru the agency ... they are really not too bad!! :)))) U can see my wedding post dearie... its all there! Hehehe. (But i dunno their names coz i think the agency only got 1 string quartet ahahaa)
Pinkie: Ya he very old hor!!! I always call him uncle lor ehhhhhahaahha!
But mature or not i dun think so leh... he is same as me... childish lor! :P although yes i must admit he dotes on me... but maybe becoz i always act cute LOL! kidding
Yllas: Happy new yr to u too my dear!!!!!!
Jenn: I go to UPDOG STUDIO in east coast big splash sweets! Wan join me????
angie: hahahha yes!!!! parties are my fav!!!!!!! :DDDD
connie: No leh..... my place that im staying is my in-law's place leh.. sob sob... we dun have a place of our own... :((((( But we intend to get one very soon! But more for investment ba ~ we will still stay with the in-laws... :)) 
SP: I do yoga 3-4 times a week and i try to run when I can although only 1-2x a month which is not enough.
But the yoga that I do is Bikram Yoga in a heated room so thats really plenty of exercise!! But if u wan to lose weight faster, then u should do Yoga and cardio and weights if possible for a more all-rounded workout  :)

Ok thats all people! Have a great day I really need to go spring clean already lor! Bye xxxx

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