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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

(Edited to add: 5th Feb)
Hairbows with a Twist is having a GIVEAWAY(HERE!) for all existing customers!
Simply send them a pic with a commentary of your purchased item and stand to win a choice of a FOC hairBow, Pacifier Clip or Toy Holder!


Hello everyone!
The weekend's over in a jiffy and how I wish every weekend is a looong weekend :p

Met up with my beloved ex-colleagues some weeks ago at Dempsey for a leisure lunch on a hot day.

We ordered oysters too!
Yummy ~ !!

I cant resist mushroom soup :)

Gave my Mummy friends some hair bows, pacifier clips and toy holders from HairBows With A Twist!
Here's some of their cute lanyards, hairclips and bows.

See my naughty Mummy friend playing with her pacifier clip!
Stace, its for your unborn son leh! Hahahhah ~

What style is this???

Red Indian pattern???

At last, something more normal. 
With our main courses.

Goofy face :p
(I miss my long fringe! But then again, I like bangs too! Aiyo - very confusing leh)

Serial killer mummy on the loose.

Loveeee coffee anytime of the day :)

Lets do some dessert, shall we?

 Thanks for the company, guys!
Its been so long since we knew each other and how fast did time fly!
Here's praying a smooth delivery for dearest Stace and thanks for dropping by yesterday at my place with all the little tykes! It was great fun.

Catch up again real soon!
Lets arrange a BBQ at my place with all the husbands and children! :D


Special Thanks and Baby Love to HairBows With A Twist!
They have a range of characters from Sesame Street, DisneyLand and Sanrio (Hello Kitty and  Melody!) to choose from!

Entirely HandMade with Love - HairBows With A Twist has HairBows/Clips/Ties for Infants to Adults.
They believe that every girl (infant to adults) deserves to be pampered and look pretty all the time!
Every mummy has a right to dress up their baby princesses/girls and yet not feel guilty about burning a hole in the pocket, too! 

All items are handmade and can be customized to suit an outfit you have in mind. 
Matching Sisters sets, or even Mummy & Daughter/Daddy & Son Sets

The Price Range:

MaryJanes: SGD 1.50 to SGD 2.20
Mini HairBow & Mini HairTie: SGD 2 to SGD 3.20
HairBow: SGD 2.90 to SGD 4.50
OverSized HairBow: SGD 3.10 to SGD 5.50
Double Stacked HairBow: SGD 3.50 to SGD 7.50

Simple quote ELAINE73 when ordering to get 10% Discount Off everything and this special offer can be used on top of any existing promos!
Its a great gift idea or simply useful and practical for your little loved ones!

I reeeeally love this Minnie Mouse set!
How cute is that !

You can even send them your existing children item to be 'spiced' up and personalised with their ribbons and bows! How cute is that!

Here are the pictures my Mummy friends sent me using items from 

Toy holder for Boys

Now little toy giraffe will not get lost! 

And hairbows and clips for the little princesses.
Darling Ashley looks like an angel here.

And this is little Yue En who insists on wearing BOTH clips ...
(One was meant for Yue En's mei mei!)
Her mummy had no choice .. ahhahahahha!
But at least it shows that she really likes it! :)))

And lastly, Darling Kate poses in front of the mirror! 
So cuteeee la!

So take a look at HairBows WIth A Twist in Facebook (here!) or you can email them at if u have any enquires!
Take care!

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