Impromptu Photoshoot

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hello everyone!
Hows the weekend coming along? 

We decided to decorate the house alittle to welcome the Chinese New Year so off we go to Thomson to see flowers! But before we get to see any flowers, Jungle Boy and I discovered a gorgeous place to camwhore!
What an amazing place it was!

Special Thanks to Merry Molly for my really awesome Midnight in town in Magenta Magarita $31/-!!!
It was such a lovely piece - I actually wore it out twice in a row this week!

Can u guess where I am?

Its the Singapore Polo Club!

Absolutely love the quaint surroundings.
It was all greenery and peaceful.

Pretty little things were flying above my head!

The dress felt so easy to wear - with its luxe material, it takes you from morning to night effortlessly.
Recently launched, it comes in 4 fabulous colours so do take a look at it right now!
To join their mailing list for FREE NORMAL POSTAGE - Click HERE!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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