Zhng My Hair Day! (New Post!)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yesterday I was off to the bestie's workplace to do cut, colour and do my hair for CNY!
Booked this appointment way in advance coz the salon was so crazily busy!
Its the same everywhere ...  Madness ~

We wore the same specs ... without knowing. Thankyouverymuch.
Two Hello Kittys in the hair salon!

My hair needs a fresh colouring job to prepare for all the visiting I need to do this CNY!

Halfway throughhhhh.....

No wonder shortie is my bestie - becoz she uses a Hello Kitty TIMER in the salon.
Just look at my Hello Kitty tumbler (I bring my own water everywhere I go) and my Hello Kitty Hp... 
Hello Kitty MADNESS!

Going to be FINSHED soon!

Love the colour!
Thank you shortie kitty! :)

Wore my Amelie-Anne Catlin Dress in Nude!
I know it will be freezing in the mall, so I wore my trusty denim jacket together with the dress!

Here's how it looks like without the jacket.

Went to find Lover!
Hahahaha just hanging out by her shop and talking to irritating PSY on the phone via long distance (she's back in Adelaide) was funny til death. 
Love my girly day out .. along with my girly nude dress :)

Okie dokie bye everyone!
Have you done your spring cleaning yet?
Im so glad I did it bit by bit without overwhelming myself! Everyday do one portion and by the end of the week ~ Im done! :)
Now I just need to work on the hubby's closet. :(
He is so lazy - Buey tahan.


Special Thanks to Amelie-Anne for my gorgeous girly Catlin dress in Dusk $29/-!

All readers can simply quote Elaine73 for 5% discount off all purchases and if you LIKE & SHARE them on Facebook (here!) - you will be in for a treat!
They have recently collaborated with LeFlirtini on a new Kimono piece so do take a look!
I have one too and I cant wait to wear it out!
Take care everyone!
Big hugs.

Have a blessed day!
p.s Love my new hair colour! Matches the dress too dun ya think?? Kekeke!

Tags Replied!
JennyW: I do have instagram but I nv use it! LOL... I use Decopic coz got cute cute icons. And Twitter! U can follow me in twitter too :)
Silver: Wahahahhahah ya la I wearing the ah-gong specs!!!! Sibey act cute til death. :p U go and buy also leh! Lets act cute together ok!!!!!
Yllas: Is it!!!!! Later I go and search for the video!!!! I wan to see! Did u see Hei  Ren & Fan Fan's church wedding? Very touching lor. I cried!
Sunflower: I bought it from Bugis Village! 1 for $10, 2 for $18! :D
Lala: I got it from MDS shop in Wisma! But I think sold out.. I got it last yr but no chance to wear until the wedding dinner wahahhaha!
Mandy: I do it at Updog Studio Big Splash ECP. Very good! But purely yoga available ... no other classes like Fitness First etc. They dun hardsell at all! Packages are very clear cut, what u see is what u get. Just mention my name when u sign up too. They are very nice to newcomers. If u are shy, u can email me! I go with u :)
Adeline: My hair is layered coz I have very thick hair and I hate it when the weather turns hot and I cant tahan. Wendy cuts it the way I like it esp with my fringe coz not alot of ppl can manage my fringe. I had terrible fringe cuts so Im paranoid and will only allow wendy to cut it!
mochaccino: Thank u dear! U are very photogenic too! Look yr looks in yr blog ! N I love how u girls have the lookbook looks ... very nice but I dun dress so nicely as u all.. ahahhaha! Im always in yoga pants :p
ping: Thk u dear!!! Ya very scary leh.. coz actually its not opened to outsiders on weekends.. only weekdays. So we were actually transpassing!
Cynthia: I got it from Bugis Village babe! $10 per pair, buy 2 for $18.
kristal: Thank u sweets! Hahahaha it was really very impromtu!!! Run in, shoot and run out!
angie: I dun weight myself coz I dun have a weighing machine. The last I weighed, I was ard 50kg. But Im 158cm short and I usually wear sizes XS-S.
Im not stick thin, and I have curves! But ok la, Im happy with what I have - only want to exercise to tone up and be healthy :)
SKII babe: Noooo I dun dilute it! I put some in my spray bottle and spritz on face. That time I did it coz I was travelling for work and it was very cumbersome to bring the original bottle everywhere. But now I dun travel as much so I use the bottle by itself. Put some on cotton pad after toner and dab on face. Apply moisturiser after. :)
_lyne: YES! I use Greek Yogurt thou. I love the taste of plain yogurt and Greek is one of the healthiest choices around. Add some granola on the top and some fruits. Its very very nice! I eat it everyday. :p

Ok bye everyone!
Finally finished replying :))))
And now Im off to do another post! 

Its for my Makeup Tea Party!
Some changes to the date coz I will be travelling ~ 
New sponsors and more! Coming up next! :D

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