Ann Siang Hill

Monday, February 06, 2012

Last sunday we wanted to head to Simply Pancakes for brunch but it was way too crowded.
So we decided to head to the colourful Ann Siang Hill and Club Street.
We had totally no idea what/where to eat so we walked around alittle to check out the place.
I loved all the conserved shophouses along the road!
I wore my Leopard Preen top which I bought in Tokyo, Japan.
And a Forever 21 denim shorts! Which I wear to death coz its so comfy.
Finally we settled in a little blue quaint Italian restaurant.
A glass of wine to keep the blues away! :)
We were too full!
So off exploring the rest of the area again..
Happy Hour anyone?
In the middle
Purple always remind me of unicorns.
Popped into Shots for coffee.
 And a Chocolate Lava cake for me!
I should really learn to bake it someday - I absolutely love how the warm chocolate oozes out after every bite!
Whats cake without coffee?
Before heading back home, we got alittle intrigued by this street called "Mohd Ali Road"
And guess what we saw at the first turn! 
An old-fashioned barber behind the alley. Cool-ness max.
And right at the corner, a karang guni man sitting by the roadside.
"How lonely is it going to be now, and future?"
Take pleasure in little things in life.
It might not mean anything to you right now, - but the world to another.
"We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone.
 Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone."
-Orson Welles
Mochaccinoland: Thank u dear!!!! Hhahhaa the dress is so sweet.. and I bought the belt for CNY so I guess I wanted to use it again thats why I wore it together... aahahhaha pink on pink! :p
florence: Thank u so much my dear! How was yr CNY? Good I hope! I ate too much :x
Yllas: Not late at all! Happy New Year to u too sweets!!!! <3
Lala: Yes! The Hermes cashmere is SQUARE! I know i know.. weird right. But thats H for u. Always different from the rest :p And now that u have inspired me.. I shall wear my 90x90 out soon! :D
cross: Hi dear! It was part of my si dian jing for my wedding from my in-laws. :) I got it from Larry's at Paragon. Made up of a total 12 diamonds, 5 across and 7 down. :)
Junnie: I know!!! It was the same for me, too!!! I was wearing a much smaller cross pendant but I know I wanted a bigger one - so when my in-laws offered si dian jing for the wedding (they are teochews) , I chose a cross pendant as part of the jewellery coz I wanted something that I could wear forever. :D
Jemjo: Its a MM :) The smallest size.. I think they dun really make it in PM (bigger size) much anymore. MM is so much cuter n nicer!!! (I think.. hehehehee)
 _lyne: Wow really!!! Heme?? Where is it from??? Do a review soon babe and let me knoe!!! I dun really dark eye circles but I hv eyebags n wrinkles!I is getting old!!!! :(
VeronT and Disappointed: Omg! I was having the EXACT same thinking... to be frank!!!!! I was looking back at the posts and I realised I was doing so many adverts all at one time!!! Im terribly sorry and I do really feel bad after reading yr tags *sobs* :'(
But I think it was due to the holidays (Xmas,NYE,CNY and now VDAY) tats why there was an influx of sponsorship during this period. But dun worry ... I promise to keep it apart and to continue writing ... MORE! :) I do hope u will come back soon! Okie? Okie..ah???? :D xoxoxoxo 
Reader: Congrats on taking the first step!!!! I would advise u to go with light makeup - they really need to see ur pretty face, not war paint :) Wear something comfortable, like a work dress (nothing too sexy) or a clean shirt and work pants with low heels. U can either put yr hair down, or tie it up in a ponytail. But no hair buns please... its alittle too 'weird'. (and the interviewers are sick of seeing girls in buns, ahahaha)
(I went with little makeup, blusher and powder n gloss - no eyeshadow...etc coz it was not common to wear false lashes then) Do arrive early (coz might have traffic jam etc) and bring a bottle of water n some sweets in case.
Eat something light before u go becoz the interview might be delayed and u might be hungry! 
Rem to bring yr impt documents n keep yr hp on silent. (not so nice to have yr hp ringing while the interviewer is talking to u!) Smile ALOT! Even if u are stressed! And rem tat its not end of the world... they are not looking at how u answer their questions... they are looking at how u REACT. So, keep cool - keep smiling and try to talk to the other girls there so u dun get so nervous!!! :D Good luck and do keep me informed!!! Im excited for u haha. Take care! Hv fun!

Good bye all! Back soon :)

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  1. All the pics looks so fantastic and great photography skills.

  2. Thnk U!
    My hubby took all the pics :)

  3. u looked so cute while enjoying the cake! is the shots cafe worthy of a visit? seems a cool place too!



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