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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Hello everyone!
New updated skincare post for the new year!
*Very long post*
Its Valentine Day theme posting for this month - and after shopping for cakes and clothes, I think the other most important aspect is our skin!
I've always believed in great skin, not great makeup.
Becoz all that makeup is useless without having good skin to begin with. :)

"A bit of lusting after someone does wonders for the skin."
Elizabeth Hurley
Since my last skincare post - I have switched around a couple of stuff....threw some out when done and basically got some new skincare.
Our skin changes from time to time - mostly due to hormonal changes, age, external environmental effects eg.
Since I have stopped going to colder climates for work, there was not much need for heavier cream-based products but instead, for lighter formulas that will not clog my pores in this year-round summer weather.

So, Special Thanks to TheFaceApps for giving me a chance to use their lovely new skincare products from Korea!
Bestsellers in their own right - here's a small introduction to their uses and benefits.
Faster Vitamin C Effects with added peeling function. Combine 20% L-ascorbic acid with natural antioxidants to help prevent premature signs of aging, smooths and firms your skin.
Protect, soften and moisturize your skin. Help repair essential skin function for increased tone and firmness.
It helps rejuvenate skin, giving you a brighter and healthier glow to the face. 
Overall, the product contains 6,000mg of Vitamin C, which is equal to 40 oranges or 120 strawberries.
The serum will visibly improve the colour and texture of the skin.
25000 bottles is sold DAILY in Korea!
My First Impression:
This bottle came with an enclosed syringe that is both hygienic and looks very convenient to use!
Seal should not be broken when u open the box.
Simply remove the sealed cap (comes with) and replace it with syringe provided.
I have heard many good reviews on the effects of Vit C so Im hoping that this will bring a glow to my skin.

$59.90 THE FACE APPS PRICE: $49.90
As soon as gallnut, chamomile flower, white willow peel, witch hazel extract etc which have plentiful natural tannin component touch the skin, the skin absorbs them rapidly, tightens pores and keeps them.
Extract of cornmint and sea weed lowers temperature of skin pores and tighten them once more.
As the wrinkle functional product, it gives loose skin elasticity so it is helpful to clear face line and vivid expression. Suitable for all skin types , it is more effective to oily and wide-pore skin.
My First Impression:
The box and bottle looks very classy with its white and gold packaging!
To activate pump, hold bottle at the bottom and twist (instructions provided on bottle)
Easy to use as the pump will produce pea-size serum with a light push.
Pretty big bottle, too!

Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet
Get rid of blackheads by pulling sebum out of pores with natural plant ingredients gently.
This formula helps blackheads and sebum in pores to soften and elevate above skin surface easily without irritating skin or enlarging pores.
Rough skin surface will become more smooth and radiant after use.
Leave on for 15 mins skin eg nose and use cotton bud to gently remove elevated blackheads after.
30 sheets.

My First Impression:
I have tried pore packs for the nose before so this is pretty interesting!
Cute name too and I cant wait to try it out.
Comes with a small tweezer-like instrument to extract the sheets in jar.
Very thoughtful.

Skin Food Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet
Contains carrot extracts full of Vitamin A, marine collagen and royal jelly that moisturises and tightens the dry and sensitive eye rims. Hydro-gel which offers excellent skin affinity, contains an extensive portion of nutrients that gets absorbed into the eye area easily.
Remove patch from foil and place under-eye and leave on for 30-40 mins.
01 Application
My First Impression:
I want to be like the girl on the packaging! So zen!
Doing an eye mask and relaxing :)
Hope it will reduce my slight eyebags and dark eye circles.

*All items above and more can be found at The Face Apps.*

My Beauty Routine 

Here's a list and picture of my daily skincare items.
The products here have been used for at least 3 months or more, while the The Face Apps products have been used for a week prior to this review.
Facial Wash: (Not shown in pics)
I wash my face using SKII Treatment Cleanser (A foaming facial wash) or Cle De Peau Gentle Cleansing Foam.

1. Cle De Peau Gentle Balancing Lotion
(sample size shown in pic)

There's generally no hard and fast rule with regards on using toner after facial wash.
Some people find that they are more comfortable using one, but if you dun - then this is probably a step that u can skip if you wish to.
I also use my SKII FTE from time to time in place of a toner but have chosen to omit it from my skincare routine this week as I find that there are too many products to use already!

2. Obagi Clenziderm M.D Pore Therapy
I purchased this on the recommendation of my dermatologist visit previously and have found it pretty good so I stuck to it.
It contains 2% salicylic acid and its great for PMS days to combat pimples.
It has a slight stinging sensation when first applied - so it might not be so ideal for thin or very sensitive skin.

3. Soap & Glory's "You Won't Believe Your Eyes" Eye Cream
I bought this coz I love the packaging of their products! (Mostly pink stuff)
Its unique application comes with tri-metal balls which the eye serum will seep through when you lightly press the tube. I like how you do not need to dip your fingers in the jar as with most traditional eye creams.
You can get this from Sephoran stores.

4. Rojukiss Pore Tightening Source
5. Ciracle Vit Source C-20

I actually wrote a daily diary when I was using the products so here's some excerpts from my skin journal.

Love my Hello Kitty diary and pink Hello Kitty pen! 

(All products used 2x a day otherwise stated)

Elaine's Skin Diary
Day 1 : 28th Jan Sat
First day using the Rojukiss Pore Tightening Source and Ciracle Vit C and Im excited.
Rojukiss's serum is slightly watery and it dispenses easily with the pump. 
I spread pea-size drop across face concentrating on nose.
Ciracle's serum has a little thicker consistency and I felt a tingling sensation after applying.
(But thats normal as written in the instructions becoz the skin is getting used to the pH levels - hence the tingling feel ..!)

Day 2 : 29th Jan Sun
I find my skin becoming abit glowly.
Or is it just me? Haha.
There is slightly lesser tingling sensation this time round and I only felt it in the cheeks.
At night, I skipped my Obagi toner and there was even lesser/ little tingling sensation.

Day 3 : 30th Jan Mon
My skin complexion seems brighter .. its going to be a great day!
Once again, I skipped my Obagi and used CDP lotion as my toner and there was almost no tingling sensation from the Ciracle Vit C.
Realise I could pat my Vit C (ala SKII commercial) on to my face lightly instead of rubbing it in. 
So much easier due to its thicker serum consistency.

Day 4 : 31st Jan Tues

I decided to use the Rojukiss solely in the morning today and Ciracle Vit C at night before going to bed.
There is a little whitehead on my nose bridge and I immediately apply some tea tree oil.
Want to do a face mask but lazy.

Day 5 : 1st Feb Wed
I woke up without an oily face! Yay!
There are lesser blackheads as I scrutinized my face in the mirror.
The whitehead is almost gone.. phew.
There is almost zero tingling sensation anymore from the Ciracle Vit C serum. 

Day 6 : 2nd Feb Thurs
My skin looks more refined esp on the nose area and there are also significately lesser blackheads. :)
My red angry looking pimple scar from last month has almost faded to a pale shadow and is almost not visible.
* I used Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off sheets before bedtime and it was easier to squeeze the existing blackheads out. No more red nose too!*

Day 7 : 3rd Feb Fri
I find my skin much softer and I dun have dry patches anymore on my cheeks.
So far the products did not break me out AT ALL which makes me grateful enough!
My skin feels more luminous and on a side note.... this writing of a skin journal does help me keep track of the products' effectiveness!
Maybe I shall start doing this whenever I try new skincare, heehee.
Time to use my Skin Food eye patch! I want to look like the girl on the package, remember?
... Ooooommm..... *zen*


.. Continued Skin Routine

6. Cle De Peau Gentle Nourishing Emulsion (Day & Night)
I have been using Cle De Peau makeup for awhile now and recently last year, I tried some of their skincare line.
So far the results have been good and I dun break out from it.
The CDP Gentle Protective Emulsion for Day use (white) Lotion has SPF 23++ and the CDP Gentle Nourishing Emulsion for Night use (Blue) is slightly richer lotion and suitable for use before sleeping.

However I do find them terribly expensive (Each bottle is $180!) and it is troublesome for me to bring 2 full-sized bottles with me when I travel. 
CDP recommends using a cotton pad instead of bare hands to pat lotion on face and thats additional cost to a skincare routine. (in a long run)

Overall Conclusion :
On Rojukiss & Ciracle Vit C:
I really liked how my pore size (esp on nose) seems reduced and my T-zone is not as oily as before.
There are much lesser blackheads and I also realised that I did not exfoliate my skin this week at all yet I still have smooth skin! 
While reading my skin journal... I suddenly realised that I also did not apply face mask during the week!
I really think the Ciracle Vit C did an excellent job in making my skin feel moisturised and glowy.
Complexion is brighter and more even.

My make-up seem to go on easily now becoz I dun have any more dry patches on my cheeks.
(Im prone to a dry U-zone) 
I do not need to touch up my make-up as frequently as before , and there was even once when I didnt touch up the whole time I was out!
My naked skin feels softer and smoother and the both serums complement each other without causing any breakouts on my skin.
On Ciracle Goodbye Blackhead & Skin Food Eye Sheet:
The sheets were full of moisture, even when you are done with it. There is a small tweezer-like instrument that comes with the product so you can use it to extract the sheets instead of using your fingers.
It is very well thought-of and hygienic!
I find it interesting as I can literally see whiteheads lifted after use and when I gently squeeze my skin using a piece of tissue - it comes out easily. 
It is recommended to use 2 sheets on extremely stubborn blackheads and I read from a review that if you steam your face before using the sheets - the results will even be better!
I shall try it one day! 

I tried on the Skin Food Eye Sheet on Friday night and it was perfect for relaxing after a hectic day out!
Once opened you will see 3 layers - Remove first sheet (Clear transparent sheet) and place patch under eye.
Remove white sheet and leave on the patch (translucent jelly-like sheet with serum and collagen) for around 30-40 mins.
The Eye Sheet felt pretty luxurious and it was quite comfortable!
I could also go about doing my own stuff eg surf net/watch tv.
Or you could simply close ur eyes and enjoy this little treat.
I think its a great perk-me-up for your peepers esp if u are tired from all the staring at the computer!
I hope you've enjoyed this little skincare post of mine :)
Perhaps it will inspire you to switch your skincare around alittle, or maybe stop using something that isn't suitable for your face or maybe just tweak something small or try something new.

I do love researching for new stuff from time to time (as do all girls, right!) so Im really glad to share it with everyone here.
Take care and catch everyone soon!

Special Thanks once again to The Face Apps for their Korea skincare products!
They strive to provide customers the best facial products at minimal cost.
All of their goods are imported directly from Korea and is DEFINITELY cheaper than the retail stores!

Yes .. you heard me right...!
Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Absolutely Free!!!

This pre-order promotion is only for the readers of Elaine73 at the moment because it is not even launched in their website or facebook yet!!!!
*Limited Quantity Available so you have to be FAST!*

And if your total purchases are above $50/- you get FREE REGISTERED MAIL and the Skin Food Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet thrown in ... FREE too!
(This is only available to the readers of Elaine73)

If you are interested in pre-ordering Ciracle Vitamin Source C-20 (With FREE Ciracle Blackhead Off), (or any other product) please EMAIL them at : !

Your Email Header should be "Elaine73 Promo"
List down the items that you want, along with the quantity and remember to leave your name and telephone number so they can get back to you!

Or simply "Like" them in Facebook now becoz they have a lucky draw once every 2 weeks and you might walk away with something too!!!!
(Edited to add: Next draw will be on 19th Feb!)

Happy Shopping ~
Enjoy the weekend xoxoxo

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