Our Bangkok Getaway

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello everyone!
Hows your week coming along? I had a great time in Bangkok but then I came back and fell ill!
Its so frustrating having both a sore throat and a headache. Skipping yoga until I get better. Urgh.
So here's a short post til I recover fully. :)
I collect these Prada teddy bears! Most of them are limited edition so I was ecstatic to find this Valentine Day teddy with WINGS! Like Cupid! (Its wings have BLING!)
After a short 2 hours flight.. we arrived in Bangkok! Yay!
My luggage is heavy even before I began shopping....
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport.
Im so tired becoz I had a dramatic day before flying off!
My aircon suddenly went kaput and we had to call in the repairman to check it out before we left the country. And then rush to the airport or else we will miss our flight!
Hello, Bangkok!
I've missed u terribly.
We put up in Westin at Sukhumvit - about a stone's throw away from BTS Asok station and 10 mins to Siam by train.
Our room.
I changed into a pair of shorts and off we went to Chinatown for dinner.
Little boy who wipes windows for cars that stop at the junction.
How lucky our Singaporean kids are! 
I feel so sad when I see these poor kids who have to work or beg for a living. Can someone please knock some sense into our spoilt future generation?
Along the way.
Being a Saturday, the jam was horrendous.
So we had to walk.
While walking .....
Families and friends having a hearty meal by the road.
If you have been to Chinatown regularly enough, you would have seen this man.
The busy street.

I love durians!!!!!
Went to have dinner.
This food stall is crazily crowded! 
Goodbye Chinatown!
See u in abit.
Thanks for tuning in, guys.
Its a bummer being sick coz I feel drowsy most of the time and I cant eat my favorite food!
Hope I can recover asap and be back bouncing up and again :D
Take care and drink lotsa water.
The weather has been crazy!

Dun worry if u have not been chosen this time - I will try to do more giveaways in future!:)

Pinkie: Thank u so muchie my dearest! U are really so sweet. Dun worry Im ok de ~ I really appreciate constructive comments coz I really felt that way too! I dun wanna write for the sake of adverts.. I wanna write to share good buys or my personal experiences eg travel, shopping etc. Hehehehe.
VeronT: Thank u dear!!! :D
Curious: Thanks sweets! But I did not do much editing on my pics - the 3D effects are actually from the camera and its lens used. I believe the ones u were referring to was taken with the Leica M9, Noctilux lens.The beauty of the lens is that it creates a beautiful 3D effect (of the person in focus) and blurring of the background. :)
Reader: Hi dear!!! So how was yr interview??? Keep me updated pls! Im excited for u. 
Fiona: I bought it from Bugis Village!! Nice hor! Super cute. $10 for one!
Jemjo: Thk u babe! Its S$3450 locally.
Joanne: Thank u sweets! Its a cheap top from City Plaza! Can find alot of gems there actually!
_lyne: Yes! U must stay in villas when u go bali! Its sooooo nice and romantic LOL.
Kiragira: I have the receipe for the Tiger Roll! U wan? I email u? 
Faith: No leh! I nv dye my hair again! Hahah I think my hair colour faded off to this current colour! My hair colour is Darkest Ash (no need to bleach) - but after awhile the colour will fade abit.
maria: Thank u !
Mochaccinoland: Thanks dear!! Yes I have Parallel in my Mac! I can choose between Windows and Mac but 2 weeks ago my Windows went crazy and I had to re-install it! I lost everything.. sad! And when I asked the Apple guy why this happened.. u guess wat he told me??? "Becoz u have Windows in a Mac."
Thankyouverymuch lor! -______-'''
dressy: Thanks dear! I got it from Toa Payoh central! Dunno which store coz it was closing down and was on sale!!!! Got it for $10 I think! Good buy hor! I ish very happy to buy cheap clothes. :p
Silver: Hi dear! R u viewing my blog in mobile or on laptop? I recently found out that blogger changes the font into cursive when I view it from mobile! But on laptop its fine. Weird......
Lala: Wahahahah u asking me?? I will tell u to get ALL 3!!!!!!!!! :p Ok, a shawl is good if u get to use it often, like in the office etc where u can throw it on casually n still look fabulous. The Kelly Dog is great for casual days where u can wear something simple n it makes ur outfit look rocker chic. Get one in a neutral colour like black, etoupe, blue or gold. Easy to match. The Clutch is great also but its alittle troublesome coz u have to hold in yr hands all the time, cannot sling n cannot out much things inside. Or else very bulky and heavy. 
Maybe u should get the City instead of the clutch. :)
Jammy: Hi sweets! I got my makeup done by Andy Lee, and hair by Ryan Yap of Passion. :)
k: Muahahhaaha... we met in a club! My fren's fren and we went out in a group.. at that time we nv talk much coz we dun really know each other. Then he sent me n my fren to another place and I left my umbrella (it was raining then) in his car and he took this opportunity to get my number from my fren! LOL tats how we started talking... all becoz of a umbrella!!! :p

Ok thats all babes!
Catch u again.

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  1. hey elaine! first time reading your blog and i must say it's AWESOME! and it's good to see your "lover" pictures here too! Anyway, just dropping by to say hi and have fun as always x val aka tohyiling as how the king would call.

  2. Wahahahhah toh yiling! How can I ever forget :p
    Thks for dropping by!:DDDD


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