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Saturday, February 11, 2012

By the time you are reading this... 
Doing a small short weekend trip to the Land of Smiles with the hubs.
It was actually his fishing trip with the boys but it got cancelled last minute coz they couldnt make it.
So we decided to make the most out of it anyways! 
Meeting my best buddy in the whole world here too.
(Her Christmas pressie is still with me so imagine I have to bring it all the way to BKK to pass it to her... Duh!)
I've already prepared the Giveaway pressie to be sent next week!
But its not closed yet so you could still join in the fun (Here!) Elaine73 Valentine's Day Giveaway 
Will be picking out the winner overseas :)
While waiting for the hubs to come back from work.
Lomo-ed my pic!
I use a MacBook but I cant do without Photoscape .. how??
U can easily find this filter there under Film Effects.
My morning Baking class! Nice?
Some of you have seen this pic in Facebook or Twitter and if you are curious about my baking classes - 
Im taking lessons at the community centre!
Its $60 for 10 weekly classes (Passion Card members) and my teacher is a retired baker and every week we learn new recipes!
If you wanna know more just drop me a tag or email :)
Went to our favourite Sushi-Tei at Big Splash for an early dinner 
I loveeeee Dragon Rolls!
I heart the avocado bits :) 
Off to church we went :)
Have a great weekend y'all!
I hope I dun get too sun-burnt in BKK and I hope I dun put on too much weight there!
Been feasting waaaay too much these days. 
And tell me how not to eat while on holiday????
Happy Valentine's to everyone,too!
Back soon.

Special Thanks to Perfetti Shop for my romantic Intricate Lace Dress!
Inspired by Miu Miu .. it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!
I had a bery bery hard time deciding between pink and black.. but being 'in the mood' for Valentine's Day...
I went with PINK!
No regrets coz the material was excellent and I could wear it anywhere!
Perfetti Shop has kindly offered everyone $5/- e-coupon off all purchases to the readers here!
Simply attach this coupon in your order email or quote #5546  to use it! :)
Happy Shopping~
New Collection Sweet Attractions is out too!

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