CH's Surprise Birthday

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to drop by alittle while before the start of the week.
Its Labor Day on Tuesday and the start of May! Wow. Is it really going to be May soon? So fast! Where did all the time go? Im actually still pretty stuck in 2011.
Anyways last week we had a small surprise party for our good friend CH. :)
-Ice Cold Beer 21st April-
Rustic deco surround the walls of this place
Starting the ball rolling

Thirsty much?
Cant do without a round of wings
Jacky loves his food!
CH's here! 
But we all pretend like its just a chill out day.. drinking, eating and chatting.
Dun ask.
Cheers guys!
Mini burgers.
CH u must eat more leh... 
(His nickname is 48 kg! Coz he really is!)
And we have a secret...............
(He was shocked!)
'What-the-hell just happened' look.
Bought him cupcakes!
Hope u like them!
Trying out the cupcake!
Why am I sticking out my tongue???
Adjourned to Que Pasa for another round.
Hope u had a great birthday dear CH!
Some bubbly to end the night.
We saw Jacky sneak at peek at George...............
And here's George staring back at Jacky ahahahha!
(With a toothpick in his mouth!)
Can you believe its CH's first time eating raw oysters???
We practically had to force one down his throat!
Look at his expression!
And then he said, "Champagne taste better!"
And gulped down the drink almost immediately! It was HILARIOUS!
Off to bed soon!
Am still pissed that the Best Actress award went to Joanna Peh! 
Why ... oh ...why her??? 
Need to go hug pillow and cry. 
Have a great week ahead everyone!
Leaving you with the most classic picture ever from that fabulous night - Good night!
Take care!

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