Great Friday

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Does it feel like Sunday instead? 
Im constantly thinking that it was a Saturday yesterday coz it was weird seeing the hubs at home on a Friday. 
Then today I wake up thinking its Sunday .. only to realise its ONLY Saturday. LOL. Silly.
Yesterday was Good Friday and I hope everyone had fun :)
We had our early dinner routine, then church and then a short meetup with an old friend.
In a small kopitiam at Macpherson.
Yummy kway chup!
Its really quite GOOD!
Look at the mountain of food! Got pineapple one leh, so nice.
Hee hee heee.. 
Went to Church for Good Friday Service.
Met our friend for a short nightcap at KPO.
We actually headed to ICB at Emerald Hill initially.. thinking that it would be totally laid-back and empty but boy, were we WRONG! 
It was soooo crowded and service was slow, the guys there looked like predators and there were lonely foreign women sitting by the bar.
Erm.. we got out pronto.
KPO was the one that was EMPTY!
We secured sofa seats and it was Happy Hour all night long!
Drink up!
Had a great night talking rubbish and eating wings.
Spend $80 and get a plate of wings for $1/- leh!
We ish happy like bird.
Hope u have a great weekend!
Back soon.
""Lust fades, so you'd better be with someone who can stand you."- The Story of Us

On a serious note, we will be heading to Cambodia on the 13th-16th April for a Photography and Charity expedition organized by our friend & Photographer Willy Foo of Livestudios. 
We intend to go to this school in the village to help out and to our understanding - they have approximately 500-700 students/children there.
(Im not sure if all the children in the village goes to school. Some might be too poor to go school regularly.)
Im appealing for unwanted SPORTS EQUIPMENT if any of you were to have it, - things like tennis/badminton rackets, basketballs/footballs etc will be appreciated.
We are also looking to personally purchase notebooks/pencils/erasers (stationary) so if anyone knows a wholesaler of any kind please will you email me?
If not .. we would have to go to retail shops like Popular bookshop etc.
If you also have any unwanted children clothes in good condition, I will be more than happy to bring it over but no money or cash please.
If you wish to donate, - food items like sweets/biscuits/Milo will be perfect too!

Email me at if you think you can help us in any way :)
I will be trying to do meet-ups if you have stuff that you will like to donate if our schedule permits!
Thank you and have a great day pixies!
p.s If you can, just praying for us to have a safe trip will be great too! 
Thanks a bunch & stay blessed.

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  1. Hey Elaine, do u hv a full length pic of what u are wearing? The top part looks great! Can you share where u gt it from? ^.*

  2. Hi dear! I got it from local brand BYSI but it was on sale 50% and I think maybe previous collection tats why so cheap.


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