Heart of House

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Last weekend we chilled out with our peeps at a pretty new establishment called Heart Of House. 
Opened by one of our friends, we went down to show some support but we also really liked the place!
Absolutely cute to order funny little beers that you normally dun see elsewhere.
Arrogant Bastard Ale, anyone? 
The hubs loved it totally coz they have up to 65 kinds of beer alone!
Let's drink up!
It was a mix of expats and laid back bermuda-wearing kind of crowd watching football.
We dun really watch football ........ and so we drank.
And drank!
I think this was the hazelnut beer!
It was a great place for conversation and drinks.
Lots of both.
The food was commendable too! No GST, no service charge.
And no MSG! Coz I didnt feel thirsty at all after dinner and Im super sensitive to MSG and salt.
Or.. maybe it was all the beer that quenched my thirst ... haha!
Have a great week ahead.
Heart of House
4 Kim Tian Road 

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