The Journey to Alishan

Monday, April 09, 2012

Hi pixies!
Thanks for tuning in on a Monday ... hahahhaha.
I cant start to say how NUA i am today for no apparent reason.
The only productive thing I did was a class of yoga, finally found my library book, went to the supermarket and did some dry brushing!
Its great for toxins and only takes a couple of mins.
Everyone should try it. :p Maybe I will post the benefits of dry brushing soon.
Here's some pics of us going Alishan 
-Taiwan Day 3-
Woke up really early (hence the sunglasses) to check-out and prepare to go Alishan!
We stopped for breakfast along the way.
This is a popular 'sushi' shop but its not Japanese!
Taiwanese 'sushi' bento sets!
The school children in the neighbourhood love it!!!
No raw fish in the sushi here.. pork floss instead!
Actually I dun eat pork floss.
I pretend pretend only - after this pic I pass to the hubs. 
Lets continue!
On the road.
After like an eternity...
(Although I was asleep most of the time.....)
We stop for LUNCH!
(The journey from Taipei to Alishan takes about 8 hours)
This is a really famous restaurant!
Famous for their wood fire ROAST CHICKEN!
Take a look at the famous peeps that have been here!
Smells so heavenly!
We ordered some side dishes along with a whole chicken....
The service staff will portion it for you upon request.
And they hand you gloves before your meal so you can use yr hands to dig in!
No. 23, Section 7
Jiaoxi Road 
Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County
Back on the road.
I fell asleep again!
And here we are!
Foggy Alishan ~
It was sooooo COLD!
Around 12 degrees and so hazy
It was cherry blossom though..
So pretty! 
I'll be right back everyone!
Dinner time and Im hungry again wtf.
Thank you everyone who emailed/fb/wassap-ed me with regards to donating to Cambodia!
Hopefully I will go pick up everything by the end of this week :D
Xie xie ni men~
Feel so blessed! xoxoxo

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