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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the lack of updates and replies - Been on a semi-hiatus this week after coming back from Cambodia. :)
Siem Reap was freaking AMAZING. 
We experienced fun, pain, sorrow and elation all in one trip.
7 of us - and a ton of pictures each!
But before, I ought to finish up my Taiwan post!
Taiwan Day 4 & 5 
After leaving the picturesque Alishan, we headed back to Taipei city but not before dropping by to Lukang, Changhua.
They have a daytime market where all sorts of food and items were out of display!
We saw many many food choices as opposed to fashion - a vast difference compared to Taipei's night market. The fashion choices here totally CMI (Cannot make it) 
All kinds of crispy deep-fried seafood!
Decided to have lunch in a typical Lukang restaurant.
Our humble meal!
The kitchen is right in front of the shop! 
You can choose your food here, write down your order and take a seat.
On the street.
Lukang is much warmer than Alishan, at a comfortable 17-18 degrees.
We drank warm bubble tea!
Coz weather too cold to have the iced version.
Peh peh selling some food by the roadside.
Wares on the sidewalk.
It was a crazily crowded weekend!
Grilled squid!
Bought some Taiwan local keropok!
Very very cheap here too ~ Taipei is considered expensive by Lukang's standards.
They have hand-made puppets on sale too!
We love the peanut titbit!
Bough some back.
They make it fresh everyday!
There was a huge crowd and when the crowd left, we found out that it was a uncle who 'blew' cute animal shaped malt candy!
Deft fingers
He puts the soft malt candy in a chosen animal-shaped wooden block (I chose Dog!) and gets me to blow through a small 'pipe' also made out of malt!
After taking the wood block out.. you can see the candy shaped like a dog!
Here's mine!
(And a newly formed crowd behind)
My own Doggy malt candy!
We continued walking ... 
And soon it was time to continue going back to Taipei city!
Dropped by the pier for some shots.
The wind was blowing like crazy!
The sun began to set.
Finally after about 8 hours on the road - we reached the Le Meridian Taipei!
It was dinnertime and we were alittle hungry. Since my parents-in-law was too tired to eat outside, they were going to have dinner in the hotel's restaurant. But how could we miss out on eating Taiwan street food on our last night???
With no time to waste, we went out straight to Shilin again!
It was so crowded!
Die die must eat my smelly tofu.
I think I queued for at least half an hour!
And the best fried chicken cutlet!
My favourite guava with sour plum powder!
And mee sua!
Tabao-ed all the food and went back to the room for supper! :D
So mad happy.
The last day before checking out....
Good morning!
Our hotel's a stone throw away from Taipei 101 so we walked over!
Fish-eye lens
Hello Taipei 101!
Off to buy tickets!
There was a queue.
Tour groups made out of mainly Chinese and Japanese tourists.
Going up to level 89!!!
The view!
Weather was good so we went to level 91!
Its open-air and sooo cold!
Lunch at the food court!
Walking around before heading back to the hotel to check-out.
And look what I found!
Jill Stuart makeup counter ~
(More pics later)
Checked out and head to airport!
Bye bye taipei! Hope to see u again~
I would love to go back taipei again!
Golden hues.
Had a great time!
Hope u enjoyed the pics :)
Back with my Cambodia trip soon xoxoxoxoxo
"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
My Jill Stuart loots from Taipei :)
Facial Wash, Foundation, 2-way Powder, Blusher, Gel Liner in Brown, Lip Gloss and a Limited Edition Makeup Set.
The Limited Edition Makeup Set consists of : Eyeshadow, Mini Lip Gloss, Loose Glitter Powder and 2 Scented Mini Pillows.
Opened up.
Design on the covers were slightly different - it has pink printed flowers!
The colours.
I love the pink bag that it came with! I use it as a cosmetic pouch now.
Here's a picture of all the items.
I find it to be rather pricey - I think we paid around S$500 (before tax refund) in all.
The price of Jill Stuart rivals brands like Dior, Chanel and Estee Lauder but I found the products to be slightly above average only. 
The only saving grace was how pretty all the cases looked!
Product Review :
I love the gel liner though, but my Hope Girl gel eyeliner also did a great job at a cheaper price.
I like the colours of the blusher but I found my NARS blushers be better. 
The Jill Stuart blusher had to be re-applied during the day. 
The brush attached to the blusher could either be most convenient or inconvenient! It hangs on the blusher case although you can remove it but in the beginning I found it to be pretty weird! Like I have a huge charm hanging off my blusher! I got used to it now though :)
Foundation was mediocre, it oxidized about 3-5 hours after using and currently Im mixing it either with my Cle De Peu foundation or tinted moisturiser as not to waste it. 
The 2-way powder is slightly better but it does not control oil secretion. My ZA powder still does the best job - at a fraction of the price!
(But the casing is so drool-worthy I would bring it out just for that alone!)
The eyeshadow is pretty pigmented, but not as good as MAC ones.
Similar to many Japanese brands found in drugstores, you get a slight glitter/shimmer and colour but nothing too OTT. Great for casual days but I'll still use my Makeup Forever/ MAC colours when I want an intense look.
The loose powder was both cute and useful! It is lilac colour, but sets clear on skin. Slight shimmers and it was not too bad for its setting power. I would re-purchase for the casing but my Cle De Peu & Laura Mercier loose powder still win hands down for oil-control and its finely milled powder.
The Lip glosses were good too! I will buy it again but sadly the colours available are pretty limited - mostly pinks and reds (??) and nearly no nude (browns) colours! Why oh why... Nude is so 'in' now. :(
The Primer (small bottle next to blusher) was a free gift with purchase (GWP) and I found it to be above average - with commendable holding power and slight shimmer.
(I have another Korean Primer review coming up so I'll compare both then.)
The facial wash smells great but I want to finish my current one before trying it out! :p
I bought it for the PINK tube, hahaha what else.
Have a great week ahead pixies!
Going out for Sunday brunch :D

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