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Friday, April 06, 2012

One of our favourite haunts near our place - Flamin' Grill is the place we go when we just wanna have a great piece of steak without all the frills.
But being without the frills doesnt mean its all canteen or kopitiam-ly .. the deco is tasteful and simple with a touch of elegance. You can still bring your first date (romantic lighting and fabulous skin hello!) here or just come in slippers .. like us, heeheehee.
East-siders all very relac one corner de.
We met up to celebrate a small birthday with some church friends.
The girls.
Cheers to the Birthday Boy(Uncle)!!!
Always ready for a pose.
I'll usually order the 'All Inclusive' - which includes Salad, Soup of the Day and a complement (mash potato/cameralised carrot/baked idaho/corn etc) to go with the steak. And I will get the Caesar salad coz its pretty delicious!
We all had Mushroom soup that day!
Take a look at yummy.
Comfort food, to say the least.
Here comes the star of the night!
Look at this piece of juicy ... is that a piece of steak or is that a piece of steak???
Grilled to perfection and you can choose any choice of sauce!
Mushroom, Black pepper, Wine etc.
I chose mushroom sauce again!
(Yes I love my mushrooms.....)
Let's dig in!
Red wine til the last sip.
I loved the service there too! It was so attentive and they rarely say no to us! 
Even when I just wanted a slice of Oreo cheesecake..
(we were waaaay too stuffed to have more cake) with a candle - the extremely kind and helpful waiter was all smiles and even 'surprised' our friend by walking in quietly!
Did I tell you about the incident when we wanted to surprised another friend with a birthday cake but we end up being 'surprised' by the tactless wait staff who came in halfway, asking super loudly,"HOW MANY CANDLES YOU NEED ARH???" - much to the embarrassment of the whole group as the birthday person  
answered the question in bemusement. 
("One." was the answer.)
Happy Blessed Birthday, Brother Joe!
Handing out cake to us! One mouthful is all we can eat!
No to cake and No to a picture .. ahhahahha!
Thank you for the company, guys!
Flamin' Grill 
91 East Coast Road, S 428791
Tel: 6348 1566
Catch you soon!
Blessed Good Friday & Easter Sunday to all you pixies here!
Take care, enjoy the long weekend.
"The fruit of the spirit is love, joy and peace." - Galatians 5:22
Special Thanks to Amelie-Anne for their latest Summer dress in Kelly Green!
Perfect for a hot summer day or a weekend brunch with the hubs. Love it!
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Comes in an irresistible 5 colours and I also have one in White!
Cant wait to wear it out soon!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Wonderful outing with lovely food. I have never been here before but sure one that I must try out when am in the same area.


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