The Weekend Market

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hello everyone!
By the time you are reading this, I might be on my way to Cambodia and will not be back until next week.
I also wanna say a BIG thank you to everyone who dropped me a note to donate stuff or even to encourage and prayed for me! Thank you thank you .. very much blessed and appreciated xoxoxo
Here's a continuation of our weekend trip last week!
We went back, changed cameras and headed to Sungei Road :)
Sungei Road Thieves Market
Sungei Road is a road in Singapore situated between Serangoon Road and Jalan Besar and runs along the Rochor Canal. 
The area around Sungei Road was formerly the homes of affluent Europeans and Asians, where many ornately designed buildings were built in its place. 
From the 1930s to the present, the road has been synonymous with the Thieves' Market, - the largest and oldest flea market in Singapore where the locals can hunt for old bric-a-brac or second-hand goods, as a cheap replacement for one's faulty or lost item.
It was hot and crowded!
Hoards of people looking for a cheap buy.
Super serious YJ ... out on a photography mission!
Ice-cream man had brisk business that day!
After being scolded (all the things we do for street photography), pushed, shoved around, we also met afew humorous and super friendly uncles who kept asking if we were from Straits Times! LOL.
Sooooo cute can.
Then when we said we weren't, - they said,"Oh!I know.. not from Straits Times but from LianHe ZaoBao is it!" 
Hahahahhaha uncle you very funny la!
(Yes ... that very uncle insisted I pose with his item!!!)
After all the entertainment at the Sungei Market, we left for ...
Little India!
All talking talking talking on the phone 
Cross road also talk
It was a BLAZING hot day!
But I loved the colours at Serangoon road.. it was so beautiful.
Look at that auntie face!!!
Priceless til death lor.
Street shots.
We were walking along the smaller lanes then I saw two heads right smack in the middle of a huge field!
Why they sitting in the middle ah??!!
Actually the people there was absolutely fabulous!
They laughed, smiled and posed for us ever so gamely!!!
Cats on the roof.
While the boys was busy shooting - I sneaked away to do something ....
Always wanted to do it again!
So expert!
Cost around $8 (after bargaining)
Did my wrist too! ($5)
Had to hold my hand up for awhile coz it takes time to dry :D
Explored the place alittle.
Going somewhere? :)
Soon it was getting dark so we headed to Emerald Hill for some beers!!!!
ICB .. we are back!
(Luckily quite quiet lor)
Cheers guys!
It was fun today.
ICB chicken wings!
Hello joie! U are just in time for a beer!
(Look at YJ behind ... like so serious liddat)
It was such a fun night!
Should do it all over again in a heartbeat. :)
Thanks for looking and have a great weekend pixies.
Special Thanks to Lexi Label for their Hoots There top :)
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Afew of my favorite looks.
Have fun

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