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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hello hello!
I love Wednesdays actually
Its not the beginning of the week yet its not the end and it reminds me that the weekend is coming, yet you still have Thursdays and Fridays to start planning what you'll gonna do on Saturdays and Sundays!
Hahahaha I dun think Im making any sense here but its fun to talk nonsense once in a while I suppose :p
Life's too short to bother about being proper.
Last week after attending my gal's Moonberry's Spa Party - I got home, changed and the hubx pulled me along to Keong Siak Street!
Trying out the fabulous nasi padang for teatime
We walked to Kreta Ayer People's Theatre to meet our other friends there coz there was a HUGEEE Cantonese Opera show that very day!
   Nestled in the heart of the Chinatown district is the Kreta Ayer People's Theatre, considered the main venue in Singapore for Chinese opera. The theatre traces its origins back to 1960 when it began as a makeshift stage at the Kreta Ayer Community Centre, a place where local Chinese cultural performances could be presented for the community's residents.
- Kong Chow Wui Koon 172th Anniversary Opera Nite -
This is just a small portion of the many many flowers lining the doors of the theatre!
We were so privileged to be allowed access into the backstage for shoots courtesy of YJ & Benny!
Thanks guys! It was such an eye-opener! 
"Cantonese Opera is a traditional Chinese art form that involves music, singing, martial arts, acrobatics, and acting.  
Cantonese Opera plays tell stories about Chinese history, traditions, culture, and philosophies."
And one of the most important part and ritual of Opera involves the MAKEUP!
Its such a long arduous process that starts hours before the show. The makeup includes white foundation on the whole face before carefully painting on red rouge across the eye area, blending down to the cheeks and stopping just at the bridge of the nose.
The male actors have a slighty different eye makeup depending on the role he is playing.
For example, a General or male characters with a lot of aggression, the actor paints a "ying hong jee" in between his eyebrows. This is an arrow shape that is painted and blended starting from between the eyebrows and fading into the forehead. This symbolizes a lot of frustration in the character.
I was in awe of these Pheasant feathers/Antennae!
Worn by both men and women in plays. These are very long pheasant feathers on the performer's helmet that...well...look like antennae! The performer uses these feathers to express their feelings or to display their skill.
And the jeweled hairpiece was A-AMAZING! 
Typically worn by either high-ranking Generals, or Royalty like Kings and Queens in the Opera.
Love the colours!
There was so much buzzing behind the backstage where everyone was so busy doing something!
Either reading their lines, listening to tapes, putting on makeup, getting their hair done, wearing their headgear and outfits ... it was non-stop action!
I cant resist taking a picture with her!!!!!
This auntie so cuteeeee 
She asked us to help her take pictures from her own personal camera too! :p
Strike a pose!
Showing her the pics I took!
The hubx secretly took a picture of the huge Hong Kong star of the night! Originally we were not allowed to take pics of him without makeup so this was kinda a sneaky shot! Awww I feel bad but I cant start to explain how GOOD he was! I dun understand much cantonese to begin with, let alone cantonese opera, but he was so so convincing and graceful in his movements I was actually enjoying the rehearsal! I think he's playing a female lead becoz he was singing in a rather high-pitched voice and doing all these fluttering movements with his butterfly sleeves! 
So nice even when they are not fully dressed! So can u imagine the grandeur of the whole show once they have their full makeup and costume on? No wonder even at 3pm there was snaking lines at the ticketing booth in the scorching heat outside!
I loved the traditional instruments they were all using!
So pretty right!
The music score.
It was such a great experience that day - seeing how passionate these people are about our heritage and culture makes me so proud to be a Chinese. I know there's a great deal of hate now on FTs, the PRCS and what-not but sometimes we just have to remind ourselves that we all have something in common so let's not blindly spread the hate. Its hard not to feel resentful but sometimes we cant really do much to change anything. Except our attitude.
And I think this applies in every single factor and aspect in our lives.
As I inch towards the big 3-0 I realise that there are so many things in life that I cant control. I cant control how people think, feel or act so if it rocks their boat : its fine by me. I really just wanna be happy and carefree. And surrounded by true people who are positive and filled with love. :) Dun we all.
Went to The Pinnacle Skypark coz we have a dinner party @ the Pinnacle that night!
Watched the sunset with friends and went down for makan!!!
It was such a fabulous meal thanks to Mr & Mrs GT!
After a hearty 5 course homecooked dinner (no kidding - Mrs GT puts us all to shame) we played Hello Kitty Monopoly! Woohoooo~!!
I look like a hardcore gambler here! 
Have a blast everyone :)
Off to taipei-hongkong tmr!
Back next week

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