Dinner Date and then some

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Last night was date night 
The hubs made a reservation at Santaro - a pretty old establishment gem hidden at the corner of Amara Hotel's level 2.
Nothing too fancy about the decoration here, but can I please show you the food?
Fresh from sea goodness slurp it clean oyster with fish roe in a shot glass. Can anyone spell perfection?
I couldnt wait!
We took the Chef Kaiseki set menu and both of us was probably crossing our fingers and hoping for the best coz we had absolutely no idea what we would be getting!
Sashimi to rival Shiraishi
Uni soup and it was my first time trying it warm!
Grilled mackerel 
Dessert was a lovely syrup plum + lemon sorbet to cleanse your palate - Oops I ate his share too
I absolutely loved every single course!
Cant wait to be back xx
Walked across to meet friends for after-dinner drinks
Street shots of Tanjong Pagar
Are you lonesome tonight? ---
50 years down the road - I just wanna still be with u 
HDB Blk 7 cafe ★ bistro 
x Keep calm and drink up x
Im sticking to tea
Men toyz
Beer anyone?
Hello baby girl
We have a surprise for u 
Betcha didnt see that coming :)
Another year older but wiser!
And then this marked the end of May
x Love hugs kisses x

p.s Changed my blogskin to PINK LEOPARD PREEEN!!!
Its such a fun look haha! I love leopard preen nah! :p

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  1. luv your puffy sleeve blouse...care to share where you bought it? :)

  2. Hi babe! Its a piece from my previous advert for GlobalCitizen :)


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