Korean BBQ Dinner

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Hello hello everyone!
I've been rather busy these days - trying to pick up my normal yoga routine daily after been sick for about a week. I'm gonna go take a quick swim before heading out for dinner with the family. :)
On Monday I had dinner with my mummy & hubs after her routine checkup at TTSH.
My mum's gonna have a small operation next week and please do keep her in your prayers - Thank u!
Mummy felt like having Korean BBQ so we headed to Square 2 for some.
Additional order of pork belly
I find the food slightly below average and it wasnt cheap at all!
Paid about 200+ and it was a rip-off. 
(I think!)
The service was friendly but quite awful. 
Forgot our soup, told me no mash potato starter (I saw it on my way out) and dripped green tea all over hubs laptop bag while refilling my cup with nary an apology. 
Im not the kind to make a fuss although I was pretty peeved I had to clean up the mess even when TWO service staff saw the puddle (made by himself!) and nobody offered a towel. :(
I had to use my own tissue lor sob.
But luckily at least no stomachache or anything when I went home LOL.
The kimchi was delicious though!
I would very much rather go back to our regular joint at Esplanade in future for Korea BBQ :)
But hey, - never try never know right.
I'm gonna try start a small online shop to sell some of the stuff I wear! 
Like the pearl jacket here or even the skull ring that I love so much! (If I can get stock)
But most importantly I'll try to clear some of my own pre-loved clothes so I can clear some desperately needed closet space!
Im keeping everything below $30-40 coz I wanna keep everything affordable and pre-loved stuff will definitely cost lesser!  Proceeds will also go to a charity of my choice :)
Before I forget - All readers here also get free postage thrown in! 
Everything's gonna be baby steps nothing too fancy coz I really have no idea what to do or where to start. 
Its scary but I'd promise to try. 
If you see anything you like just drop me a note here - or email me at : sugar_sweet7733@yahoo.com
Take care!

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  1. If you like Korean bbq, can try Jang Shou at 86 East Coast Rd Blk B #02-11/20 (it's beside 112 Katong)

    Personally i like it very much. You can give it a try =)

    And i'll pray hard for your mum, hope her surgery goes well

  2. hi,hw much are u selling yr pearl jacket? size? email sgkwek@hotmail.com, thks


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