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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Unfortunately I still feel alittle unwell from time to time while recovering from flu this week so one of the comfort food that I normally crave is ramen! 
Hot slurpy full of goodness pork broth in a bowl!
The panfried gyozas was juicy and perfectly done too!
I like slightly crispy burnt on the outside gyozas - with tender pork and chives filling after every bite 
Eagerly awaiting the star of the night 
The noodles was springy and the egg yolk slightly oozy. 
I love sweet corn with my ramen and a good serving of spring onions along with it is a bonus too!
Trying out my salt pork broth 
(Non-miso version)
Classic greedy look LOL!
I liked the service here, it was simple fast and efficient. All diners get water without request and it really reminds me of the small ramen stalls in downtown Tokyo. The soup could be a wee bit more flavorful but at $13 a bowl - Im not complaining. 
Have a great weekend pixies! 

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  1. Love yur blog! Congrats on the Singapore Blog Awards 2012 btw.

  2. I love your black jacket. From where? =)

  3. Hi june!
    Im bringing it in to sell at my new online store! :D

  4. Esttlove aka EstherJune 6, 2012 at 10:42 PM

    Very nice top babe! =)


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