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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Hello everyone!
Hope you are loving the new leopard preen blogskin :p 
Its alittle LOUD .. but I kinda like it! And yes .. no more falling hearts! LOL.
(Think it doesnt show on iphone/ipad thou.)
Attended the Panasonic E-Symphony Event a couple of weeks ago and it was really FUN!
This special event for the bloogers aim to promote their new e-Symphony Campaign that you can easily do at the comfort of your own house online here!
Panasonic Eco ideas aim to find energy-saving solutions long-lasting innovations for everyone to use everyday! 
"When we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves." - David Orr
Im somewhat of an environmentalist, - save for my non-hybrid car and love for air-conditioning. :p
I think we cant never break away from our first-world habits but we can always do our best to help save Mother Earth! 
So I usually decline plastic bags and carry my own eco-friendly Hello Kitty reusable bag for items and I will take the effort to switch off all lights and power points when leaving the room. 
I also use my laptop/iphone/ipad until the battery is nearly completely drained before charging them and I try to switch off the power asap when my battery is 100% charged. 
I try not to keep my appliances plugged in coz its a waste of electricity and its bad for the battery in the long-run. :) I think its good habits that we can all cultivate to use in our everyday lives so I was excited to attend the event and get to know more about e-Symphony.
Here's me and my blogger friend Verlyn! ♥ 
The lovely people at Panasonic arranged snacks for us @ The Screening Room before starting the event
Ate a sandwich and had some coffee!
Here's the lovely host Gina G from Fly Entertainment!
We all get a set of the Panasonic Powerful Bass earpiece to use and plug into our laptops and it's really powerful! I could hear the bass going 'thump thump thump..!" Woooh~!
Us girls busy at work! Here's my 2 other blogger friends Tiphanie and Junying
Do pop by their blogs if you're free too! :D
Trying to create our individual e-Symphony tunes ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ ...
I've included the e-Symphony tutorial link - here!
U can also try it out yourselves!
We then adjourned downstairs ..........
Love the Persian Middle-Eastern style dining area downstairs where the lunch was held in
Pretty bloggers Junying & Tiphanie!
And Verlyn and me! :D
Our set lunch
Taking random pics and talking non-stop .... LOL!
Salmon Salad 
Red Lentil Soup
We all have small cute whiteboards each coz we were playing games during lunch too!
My Chicken Tangine
All the other girls had Red Snapper Shalik which was a tad salty but the rice was pretty good!
Lets dig in, gals!
Gina G's going round the tables and asking eco questions and the person who answers correctly get a hint card for keeps!
(For the Eco-poly game later on)
It was really HILARIOUS!
Gina's asking us questions like, "Whats Singapore's national wastage per annum" Or "Estimate our energy consumption" - Things that I really have no idea!
(We all openly play cheat by google-ing.. Haa!)
Trying to answer a question
Verlyn very fast one!!!
It was so cute trying to get answers to the questions!
I earned some hint cards too!
Really yummilicioussss dessert too!
-After lunch -
We got acouple of hint cards which I will show u later - 
Eco-poly game! (Something like Monopoly)
My pretty team-mates!
So cute!!! 
Im the BANKER for the day!
Wah lau so much 'money' on the table!
Let's begin playing!
Super FUN!
Haven played Monopoly in a looong time!
You get to buy & collect hint cards if you roll the dice and fall in the selected boxes
Here's our combined hint cards 
Photo courtesy of Tiphanie
Our team also won 2nd prize for most number of hint cards!
Thank you Panasonic Eco for the RWS vouchers!
The vouchers we received!
Group pic with my loveliessss! 
For more info : 'Like' Panasonic Asia in Facebook Here!
Or follow them in Twitter too!
Support green movement!
I really had a great time with the gals that day and get to know them so much better ever since! :)
Happy Belated Birthday to Tiphanie too! 
You're such a lovely big-hearted person and Im so glad to make new friends from blogging! :D
For beauty reviews : Do drop by Verlyn's blog and follow her through her events and product introductions!
She gives her honest opinions and she's such a wonderful babe too!
If you are looking for a place to get your nails done - do also check out the ever-talented Junying! She's done countless famous bloggers and is one of the most humble and pretty person I know! :)
Have fun and a lovely week ahead pixies!
Back soon xx
Back also to reply tags soon! 

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