Velvet & Roses Spa Party

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hello everyone! 
Admittedly I've been pretttty lazy these days! Slacking, watching tv and having lotsa fun on Instagram!
What in the world was I missing out on?? My god .. I've been shamelessly semi-stalking really gorgeous Thai actresses who look like they descended from fairy land! Pretty until~!!!
Previously I've talked about going to my good friend Moonberry's Spa Party held at Mary Chia in celebration of her being one of OMY Singapore Blog Awards Beauty Blog Finalists.
So here are the pics from the Velvet & Roses Spa Party!
Im so impressed at all the effort put in! It was a Black & Red theme and everyone has to dress up as Mafia Princesses or Gangsta Girls! 
I really loveeeeee it!
I did all my hair up, with a smoky eye look complete with a feather top and wore crazy black patent loubies!
Event was sponsored by Mary Chia Orchard Point
Roses for every girl there!
Not forgetting gift bags for all guests
The food was absolutely in theme too! 
Finger food for everyone and I bought RED WINE too!
"What the Foie-G" crackers (LOL)
Which was absolutely delicious by the way!
Crepes by Robolots!
It was such a sweet surprise seeing them there! :)
Hehehe.. Do you wanna "Gar-Lick My Prawns"? :p
There was a makeup area where everyone could do a small mini-makeover in addition to the spa treats provided! I had an amazing back massage to ease away all my tensions!
Lets go for RED LIPS!
Moonberry getting the ball rolling ~
And all the guests are now taking turns doing their makeover!
Pretty up babe!
My lovely friend Eunice!
And Karen's eye makeup was so GORGEOUS!
Pics pics picsssss
Babes in BLACK!
It was so fun catching up with the girlsssss
Thank u dearie Moonberry for having us at the party! 
It was such fun talking talking talking and having mini spa treats all while drinking wine in the AFTERNOON! Catch up soon xx
For more pics : head to Moonberry Mary Chia Chapter 6 :)
Back to blog before I fly off to Bangkok with bestie next week!

Joanne: Hi dear! It was from a previous sponsor :) U can take a look at their website HERE!
VeronT: U're welcome dear! Did u try the hairspray? I really like it!
ping: LOL! Im sooo lazy I swear :p But I really dun mind people asking me questions here coz I do like replying queries :D
pauline: Should I??? :D Its really sooooo easy and fun for a hot day!
Melody: Hi! Im 158cm and around 50kg?
I dun have a weighing machine hehee but Im usually around 50kg plus minus.
Jam: Erm ahahha yes I think she was a local celebrity! :p 
Gina's singing is so so amazing.. there was once we went to a dark dark KTV pub filled with ah peks and ah bengs and after Gina started singing, - everyone in the ktv clapped!!! LOL it was hilarious!
Hope everyone have a fabulous weekend! 

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  1. Babe! Thanks so much for the write-up (and more imptly, the wine). When are you back from BKK? Miss uuuuuuu~~~~~ ^^ *muahz*

  2. Miss u too babe! Thanks for the invite to the Spa partyyyy and catch u at the BBQ! xoxoxo


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