Christmas in August

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Hello everyone! Been lamenting the fact that time flies by ever so quickly but I guess if I cant fight it,- I better embrace it! And so far Im LOVING August! 
Congrats to Feng Tian Wei for winning a Bronze Medal in the Olympics! Its really something that the country has been waiting for all these years! National Day is coming and I get to see fireworks so that is great and we've finally booked tickets to the Aaron Kwok concert already! He's my favourite idol since primary school (yes! primary school!) and I really cant wait to see him in person. Have a couple of girly meetups arranged this month ... So yeah .. August has been great so far! 
August Frolic
And just now Christmas in August came early coz I just opened my 'present' from VanityTrove!
*Drumroll please*
Im seriously going to recycle this beautiful box to store make up stash or something
Its packed to the brim! I cant wait to see what I've got!
There is a theme monthly for VanityTrove boxes and this month's Rocket Science!
All boxes come with a detailed description card that has all information on the products featured that month
Mine came with 15% discount vouchers at Zalora and Erabelle's vouchers! 
Im thinking of doing my brows one day coz the voucher also comes with an eyebrow pencil free and I think thats pretty worth it for $18. Besides I've always wanted to see the place coz I've heard it looks pretty & the girls wear kimonos while doing brows! :)
Slowly opening the rest of the goodies ............
I cant wait to try this out! 
Im pretty much a beauty junkie actually so I went online to dig some information on Sampar.
Mine came with (sample sizes) :
Transparent foundation - all skin types
Exfoliating and purifying face care - all skin types
Anti-blemish face care - combination and oily skin
I also received :
ORIGINS (sample size)
Platscription Range for fine lines
Bath & Shower Gel perfect for my travel bag
Eyes Reset Gel To remove eye makeup effortlessly
MORILLINS (01 pc full size)
Organic Eye Therapy Mask Firming + Revitalizing
OXYPAD (01 pc full size)
Oxygen Sanitary Pad 
BRANDS (full size each)
Innershine Prune Essence For beauty within
Grape Seed Extract
NEUTROGENA (sample size)
Deep Clean Brightening Mulberry Foaming Scrub Smells so good!
SKIN79 (sample size)
Super BB cream Good for travel use
BIORE (sample size)
*New* Gel Makeup Remover I cant wait to try this out!
Here's a closer look!
My review : 
I love the idea of getting a 'present' every month and some of the products made me excited coz I've always wanted to try the full size but didnt want to buy them on impulse. Now I can try it and if I like it I will head out to buy it! No fear of wastage. Some of the brands are relatively new to me so thats good too since I like to try out new products from time to time. I think its a great gift to present someone - maybe to your mother or sister so you can share around the products even! :p
Hope you enjoyed the review! 
Here's a quick run through about VanityTrove:
- Subscribe for $25 each month 
(Available in Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annually plans)
- The luxe box will be delivered right to your doorstep
- Enjoy testing beauty products and discovering new loves!
- You can find a surprise mix of skincare, cosmetics, bath & body, haircare and more pampering treats in your trove each time!
To subscribe to a surprise every month - Go to!
And if you liked what you saw ...  You can still get the August edition  Click Here! 
Had a dinner date with my husband and we enjoyed the place so much, we vowed to be back!
Thank you Flo for the introduction! 
We loved it the moment we stepped in! The chef was so warm and friendly, he actually took the effort to explain each course in detail and the service there was fast and efficient even when patrons was streaming in during peak hour. 
Every course was a surprise (just like my VanityTrove box lol!) and everything was so fresh and succulent! I had sake with my Omakase meal and we had such a great experience - this place earned top points in my little black book. 
Definition of Omakase:
When you say omakase, or “it’s up to you”, in a Japanese restaurant, you are entrusting the entire dinner experience to the chef. The chef then deftly crafts a series of courses - usually comprising sushi, sashimi, grilled and/or simmered dishes - using the freshest Japanese ingredients he has in store.
Reservations are definitely recommended so do call in advance!
Nagomi Restaurant 
5 Koek Road, #02-22 Cuppage Plaza, Singapore 228796
Tel: (65) 6732 4300
Have a great weekend everyone! 
Back soon!

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