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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hello everyone and happy midweek to all :)
I've recently joined some of my fellow bloggers as one of Watson's Ambassadors and Im really excited to be part of the family! Although this is a Lifestyle blog, Im really keen on Makeup, Skincare and the works so Im so ecstatic for the chance to be reviewing some of the latest products offered in Watson's! And one of it is the DHC Q10 Medicated Range of Skincare.
Im loving the purple color!
DHC, being one of the pioneers specializing in formulating skincare treatments with Coenzyme Q10 have created this DHC Medicated Q10 Skincare Range, which contains a maximum concentration of 0.3% (10x more compared to conventional skincare products on the market). This range also contains additional key ingredients such as placenta extract, collagen and a cocktail of vitamins plus allantoin to boost skin rejuvenation for beautiful and youthful looking skin.
I've tried DHC products a long time ago when it was still unavailable in Singapore. They are really popular in Japan where they are from, and they are known for their use of Olive Oil in their products. 
I believe u may have seen the DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil best-seller before!
I've been reading up abit on DHC and the company has some core values that I truly agree with.  Here's 3 of my favourite. 
Science and nature should work in harmony.
We embrace nature’s botanicals for their nourishing benefits just as we rely on science to help make our products safe and effective. This vision is a part of our Japanese heritage and every one of our products is created with this balance.
 True beauty takes commitment.
Lasting good skin and health require dedication. In skincare, that means committing to a proper step-by-step regimen no less than twice a day. It’s a small investment that can provide lifelong benefits.
Three is good, four is better.
We believe that a good skincare regimen must include three steps, but that the best regimen—one that delivers consistently radiant results—requires four steps. Why stop short of radiant?
With that in mind, - here's a small table of Skincare steps that is suitable for anyone, at any age.
I have Combination skin : 
Oily on the T-zone (Nose, Forehead) but dry on the U-zone. (Cheeks)
I've been trying the DHC Q10 Medicated Skincare Range for a week and have been rather pleased with the results. Here's what I used.
DHC Q10 Lotion 
Help minimize damage from environmental stresses with this indulgent, revitalizing toner that not only preps your skin for the moisturizing step, but also promotes elasticity and a smoother tone. Bursting with the highest concentration of antioxidant powerhouse coenzyme Q10 we’ve ever had in a toner, this refreshing, fast-absorbing blend is particularly beneficial for those with sun-damaged or maturing skin.
You have to break the seal to open the box and I really like this idea coz I can be assured that nobody has opened the product before!
The Lotion is yellow in color and I pat it on my face lightly on clean skin.
DHC Q10 Eye Cream
Bursting with luxurious shea butter, antioxidant-rich vitamin C and 10 times more age-defying coenzyme Q10 than any eye cream we’ve ever created, this velvety cream instantly hydrates the delicate skin around your eyes, fights damaging free radicals and diminishes the look of fine lines for smoother, firmer-looking skin.
I really like this! Its lightweight and non-greasy and it doesnt smudge my eye makeup after using.
DHC Q10 Gel
If you prefer gel textures when it comes to your face products, this lightweight, revitalizing moisturizer is for you. Enriched with a high concentration of age-fighting coenzyme Q10, it helps promote a firmer, smoother complexion while scavenging free radicals from your skin’s surface.
I use this for Daytime as it has a lighter consistency and is suitable for normal, combi and oily skin. I follow up with my own sunblock after.
DHC Q10 Cream
DHC Q10 Cream combines the excellent toning and firming properties of coenzyme Q10—skin’s own natural age-defender—with olive oil for optimum nourishment and preservation of your skin. Coenzyme Q10, nicknamed “vitamin Q,” functions as a powerful antioxidant, protecting cells from free radicals. Enjoy renewed vivacity and help maintain tone and resilience for smoother, more supple skin. Fall in love with a firmer complexion with this high-performance, uplifting treatment.
This is great for Night! It is slightly thicker and quite moisturizing - Suitable for all skin types before heading to bed. I apply about a pea-size amount starting from my cheeks (where its the driest) and smoothing around my face. 
DHC Q10 Pack Sheet
Revitalizing Q10 Mask features a high concentration of firming coenzyme Q10, combined with moisturizing polyglutamic acid, to plump and smooth your complexion. 
Beneficial botanicals include willow extract, for aiding environmentally stressed skin, and rosewater, which helps tighten skin and imparts a natural relaxing scent.
*All boxes come with English instructions at the back.
On alternate days I use the DHC Q10 Masks and its really good! It doesnt have any sticky after feel and my skin absorbed the serum pretty quickly. 10 mins is all it takes and you're good to go!
I find the DHC Medicated Q10 range a pretty good investment for a simple and fuss-free skincare range that is easily affordable to the masses. The best (or worst- depending on personal prefence) thing about DHC is that their products do not have any artificial fragrance. I read up on natural skincare products and I do know that fragrance added into skin products are not good for us although its so difficult to resist great-smelling things! (I know right!) 
Thank you once again Watson's and DHC for their lovely products.
*DHC Medicated Q10 range is now available at Watson's stores around the island.
Have a great week ahead, guys! xoxo

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