Juan's 1st Year Birthday Party

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hello everyone! 
Thanks everyone for joining my ClubCouture Giveaway and it was been closed and if you're the winner - you would be have been notified by email :) 
Last week we all trooped down to our friend Jasmine's baby Juan 1st year old party!
Held at the clubhouse, it was a respite to the hot weather!
Happy Birthdy Baby Juan! You're too cute!
Saw many friends at the party too!
All of our friends' children are here in attendance!
Whats a kids party without the balloon man?
He kept making balloons and my table was filled with them in no time!
Some take 2 somemore LOL
The kids having a ball of time
And while the kids played, the adults indulge in chatter 
Time for dinner! The buffet was nice! I ate too much :p
Penny for your thoughts?
Chocolate fondue was a hit with the children!
More entertainment by Mr Balloon Man!
Spongebob suddenly made an appearance and the kids were so excited!
They all rushed to POKE him!!!! LOL!
Shane used his 'sword'!
I thought they all liked Spongebob until I realised ........
Coz he was giving out sweets!
Played more games 
Wow not bad!
Laugh until so happy
Isabelle too young to know what was going on hahaha!
So she simply act cute can le! :D
Musical chairs
Round and round we go .......
And winner gets a prize!
Time to cut the cake 
Happy Birthday again sweetheart Juan!
Make a wish!
He's sooooo cute and such a baby heartthrob!
And here's my darling Paigey!
Who wants to take a photo with Auntie Elaine :)
Awwwwwwww ..... love her too much!
Thank you Jasmine for having us over! We had so much fun with the children and catching-up with the friends! See u soon! xoxoxoxo
Thanks everyone for dropping by too! :)
Hubs will be away this week for business so I'll be back soon with more posts! 
Good night!

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