Secondary School Meetup at Medz

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello everyone! Sorry for being so busy ~ my uncle got admitted into SGH so the family have been rather busy and then I myself was stuck at home for a bit due to conjunctivitis so that was a bummer too. It was initially getting better after the visit to the doctor's... 
And then I went to KL again (wore contacts) and bam! Another bout of pink eyes. Le sigh. So off I went to the hospital this time, got fresh new prescription meds and now sitting at home ( specs no less) trying to fully recover before going about my daily stuff eg yoga/swimming.  So I'll try to catch up with my posts this week at home and it might be a roller-coaster ride of new posts/adverts etc .. bear with me pls! Arigato... Keke.
Here's my pictures with my beloved secondary school friends at Medz earlier on.
13th August MEDz
My lovely schoolmates! R-L : Liqin, Khimmy and me :)
Stepping into the quiet restaurant, you will chance upon the eight gourmet stations offering Spanish, Moroccan, French, Turkish, Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. 
Food on display
Meats and cuts
Roast beef
(Abit meh in my opinion - no escargots that day too! Boo.)
The only saving grace was the Dessert bar coz it was the only thing there that looked appetizing!
There was a buffet of desserts on display
Some of it looked pretty good too!
The promotions available at Medz.
Jenniberrrr is here!
My secondary schoolmates!!! Last time we always sit together in class and talk cock. And its like what .. 15-16 years ago??? Am I that old??? Tian ah!
Ordered the Medz specialty Rosti.
Some starters to share
Their pizza was pretty good - thin crust with a good serving of cheese and mushrooms
Cant wait to have CAKE!
Rainbow cake !!!
Doesnt it look like a toy cake?? So fluffy and colourfullllll~ I love!
Waffles was soooo yummy!
Khimmy posing wahahhahaha
Jenniber turn
And this is the buzzer that you get when u order your food...
Once it lights up! Your food is ready!
I cant resist lava cake! Too nice~! 
Hot flowly molten chocolate oozing out from warm chocolate cake....
Medz has a number of credit card promotions and set meals daily .. but the food lacked in choices and so many things not available! Sobz. 
Thankfully it was pretty affordable after the credit card promotion and sharing the cost with friends but the FT service staff could have been more hardworking or less condescending for that matter .. for a mere 20%-filled capacity place! We had to self-clear our dirty plates to make way for desserts while eyeballing the staff who were having a jolly good time talking at the sides. And when we managed to get the kind attention of someone to clear some plates, he took a grand total of 3 plates .. walked off and never came back! Even the old uncles & aunties in hawker centers clear ALL plates and wipe table for u right? Thank u SG cleaners! 
But anyways the straw that broke the camel's back was when we politely asked the cashier (even after I saw the wait staff nudge each other to send someone to hint us to leave when there was still patrons outside so they can clear the area we were sitting in first *breathe deeply*) to take a group picture for us. He kinda smiled but raised his eyebrows alittle and begrudgingly took my camera so I know he was pretty unwilling to take picture for us...
This is the first picture.
We asked him to take a second one .. "Closed-up, please."
I saw him roll his eyes, snap and almost run away before I could look at the preview in my camera.
No wonder Medz got no business. Your staff is a reflection of your management. 
Truly, sincerely.

p.s But we had a GREAT time!!!! Talking about the past was so much fun and so was catching up with dear old friends. Lets do it again soon :D
Elsewhere, teehee.

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  1. Heyy babe.. Chance upon your blog :) looking great still as compared to when I first knew u back in 1995... And u all met up tog... Can I come tooo?? next time u have a sec Sch class gathering (hehe I self invite)


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