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Friday, August 17, 2012

I was only pretending to drink this 
Right after our KL trip I had the strongest craving for Italian! 
So the very next day after we touched down we headed to our favourite little Italian place for some great food
Bruschetta with tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil .. courtesy of the restaurant before you start your meal proper.
We love some good parma ham with rock melon on a hot summer's day becoz the salty taste from the ham balances perfectly with the sweet melon. And its so refreshing on your tastebuds - we usually finish it all.
I love anything cheese although I refrain from eating it on most days. But this time round I couldnt resist ordering a second starter which was the Mozzarella Cheese on a bed of Tomatoes. 
Mozzarella cheese - unlike most cheese, does not age well at all. Thats why it is very important to eat it as fresh as possible and this one's most definitely is!
A Spaghetti alle vongole for the hubs. 
Clams are aplenty and very sweet with white wine sauce.
I had the traditional Spaghetti Bolognese made from fresh tomato sauce and ground beef mince. It is one of my favourite comfort food and sometimes I like to make it at home myself. Its so simple and tasty.
We or I, rather .. ended the fabulous meal with a cup of strong Segafredo Zanetti coffee with a splash of milk. Im actually very particular of my coffee and I dun drink fancy designer coffees à la Starbucks coz I find them too complicated and sweet! I dun take any sugar in coffee to truly enjoy the aromatic beans but of coz some people prefer it sweet so I believe its really a matter of preference. :) Had the most perfect Tiramisu that reminded me so much of Milan! Missing Europe way too much thats its bad! Been shopping to make up for it and I better stop soon! :p
Trattoria Lafiandra al Museo 
 71 Bras Basah Road 
#01-02 Singapore Art Museum Singapore
Tel: 6884 4035
Hope everyone have a great long weekend and hopefully my red eyes will go away soon so I can take more pictures and stop being stuck at home and away from crowded places! Take care xoxoxo
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  1. Wow, you seem to be quite the drinker! Hehe, just kidding. Well, the food looks mouth-watering! That's the best thing about Italian cuisines: they mix-and-match ingredients, and then you get some of the most exquisite-tasting food you can ever eat! And the Mozzerella cheese! No one can resist that! :)



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