Weekend in KL

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Thursday all! :D  Looking forward to the long weekend and also to tomorrow coz the hubs have been away on a week-long business trip and although Im enjoying the dictatorship of the remote control ... I awfully miss someone to try to fight it with me. Ahhhh ~ the ironies of life. :p So! Last week we had a pretty impromptu trip to KL coz he had an important meeting to attend there.
KL Trip 10-11 Aug
At the airport.
(Nursing red eyes! But too stubborn to wear glasses!)
We always stay at the Westin coz its really pretty convenient to everywhere else and they have Old Town right opposite! So its a quick breakfast coz the room is not ready.
Nasi Lemak Special ~
Haven had KFC in months! And who tell me Malaysian chicken nicer ah! 
No difference please.
We went back to check-in and the hubs went off for his meeting. 
I watched the Olympics and eat KFC lor.
Back in the late afternoon
He came back from meeting and we took the camera out
Went to do alittle (window) shopping
The clothes all not my style haha *ahem*
But this is my style! Wahahahaha anything pink basically.
Went to Sungei Wang to walk walk
At least can get more decent stuff here and mostly cost around S$10. Machiam Bugis Street wtf all same supplier I think. Clothes look the same too.
Yes ... I wish its HongKong too! 
But I do like KL ~!
Coz of Jalan Alor - the food soooo nice!!!!!!!
Restaurant has my surname in it.
(And its not SAI k)
Had oyster omelette
And their best best Malaysian Hokkien Mee! YUSO good one!
Hum tan (salted egg) prawns - 
An ode to my food blogger friends from Moonberry's fab BBQ!
YUMS! (Instagramminggg)
Chefs hard at work
Back in the hotel 
Its not a holiday if there's no champagne!
He hungry again. *sweat*
Day 2 in KL
The hubs went for meeting again so I went to Sungei Wang for a wash & blow
The weather was killing me and this is the best way to beat the heat! 
Wash hair and blow aircon :p
I think they did a great job! 
H Stage 2nd Floor Sungei Wang Plaza 
Off to KLCC we go 
Mdm Kwan had a long queue so we went to Miss Kwan the cafe
I love going to English Garden! Its a pretty lace shop selling all kinds of ornaments 
Had happy hour before going back to checkout
Love this quote on the board!
I stole a pic of him xo
I've always found black & white pictures on walls extremely interesting
Sharing some food
Last minute shopping! Bought a top from Forever21 sale!
And back home we go
Had a great short trip x
Might be going back to KL again and maybe we are planning a small holiday while we're there! I dunno ~ we have to see the hubs schedule and arrange. :)
Hope everyone is having a great time and a blessed weekend!
Keep on smiling ~! 
Back soon!

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